Wexford Roots?

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A Wexford Surname?

Rosemary Tearle - 08:57am Jan 18, 2004 Irish

My great-grand mother was Margaret Furlong. She was born in Co Wexford about 1840.

She was married on Jan 29 1862 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Her marriage entry gives her father as William Furlong, farmer, and Bridget nee HEBEVE.

Margaret "made her mark" on the entry so I presume she was unable to read or write. The scribe therefore must have written what he thought he heard.

The Wexford Heritage Research Centre has found only a William Furlong and Bridget nee Hayes with a daughter Margaret.

Is there an Irish surname that would SOUND like HEBEVE? I have also had the Gaelic Chaebiobhe suggested.

Some years ago there was mention of Basque blood in our background. I have followed that up and have been told there could be a slim chance that an old Basque word habebe could have been used. Is there any history of Basque people in Wexford? If so, is there any record of Basque names in Wexford?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rosemary. New Zealand.

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Lorraine Allen Hughes - 04:36pm Jul 22, 2006 Irish (#91 of 453)

I am searching for any information about Peter Allen, born Wexford about 1798, his father's name was Arthur and may have migrated from Scotland. Peter married Sarah Fitzsimmons about 1822, pos in Dublin. Had 2 sons, Arthur b 1823 and John b 1825. The family migrated to Liverpool between 1825 & 1828. Son Arthur migrated to U.S. about 1858, he was a cigat maker / tobacconist and settled in Montpelier, VT.


Gregory L. McGraw - 03:53pm Jul 28, 2006 Irish (#92 of 453)

Gregory McGraw - McGrath

I am looking for information pertaining to my gr.,gr. Granfather and his family. His name is JAMES McGRATH,b: abt.1784, d:1874 USA his wife Mary Stafford, b: abt.1806, d: aft.1853 USA married:abt.1815 in Ireland, and their two daughters Mary Catherine b: Sept. 16, 1816, d:1893 and Johana b:1821, d:1908. Both Sisters died in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. They imigrated to the united States in 1825 and landed in Baltmore, Maryland. They lived in Wexford Co. as the girls were baptized there, but which Catholic Parrish?


karen cogley-wright - 03:08am Jul 29, 2006 Irish (#93 of 453)

karen cogley-wright looking for information on the sur name cogley. My gr-gr-grandfathers name was dennis cogley, he was married to ann [bergin]. they had two sons james [my gr-grandfather] and thomas. there may have been a sister margaret. my gr grandfather was born in county wexford in 1850. he came to the usa at the time of the civil war. I am trying to find out where in county wexford they were at and the parish. I would like to find out where my gr.gr. grandfather was born and his wife. if any one can give any information please let me know if anything is familar or if you know someone who may. let me know either way at kcw1555@sbcglobal.net


s j stewart - 08:12pm Jul 30, 2006 Irish (#94 of 453)

Hi i am looking for any info on a Peter Crowley who married a Johanna Whelane they lived in loughnageer.Any info would be great.


Carol Erbacher - 10:29am Aug 2, 2006 Irish (#95 of 453)

Carol Erbacher Hi Im Looking for Patrick Connor Born Enniscorthy Ireland 1816 his parents may have been James Connors & Catherine Moore he Arrived Sydney Australia 1841 on the Joseph Cunard age 26yrs A Carpenter By Trade He Left Enniscorthy With about Three Other Men From Enniscorthy. He was Given Refrences From Nicholas Murphy & Peter Murphy from Enniscorthy both Parents were said to be Deceased . any help would be most appreciated. Carol.


Massey Daniel - 03:20am Aug 5, 2006 Irish (#96 of 453)

I am looking for James White, married Rachel Earl, both of Wexford. Children born in Ireland in early 1800's John, Jane, Dorothy/Dolly, Ann and Sarah


Richard Crowe - 11:28pm Aug 8, 2006 Irish (#97 of 453)

HART, CARRIGAN, O'BOYLE and MCCAULEY surnames County Wexford.

Some American Counties in the South of the State of Texas were colonized by a brave group of Irish men, women and children who were recruited both in Ireland and in New York City and Baltimore Maryland during the late 1820's and early 1830's.

They were recruited by the Mexican Government, who at that time owned the territory of Texas, through men known as Empressarios who had the right to recruit Irish with the promise of virtually free land there in Texas.

My G.G.G.Grandfather Felix HART married Bridget CARRIGAN in Ireland (where their first child, Catherine was born) and came to New York between 1822 and 1829 when their second child, Timothy, was born in New York.

Felix and Bridget CARRIGAN HART and their two children arrived in Texas from New York in 1829. Felix' father and mother, Teddy and Mary McCauley O'Boyle HART, had arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, USA at least by 1810 (when their child Timothy was born in Baltimore) and also migrated to Texas on the same ship in 1829.

I do not know where these HART families originated in Ireland but, they possibly could have originated in County Wexford.

According to a legal disposition filed in 1896 another Irish family with the Surname HART was recruited in Wexford and sailed from Liverpoole, England for the same Texas Colony in 1834:

Welder-Lambert Lawsuit, No. 449, District Court, Refugio County, Texas 1896

"Rosalie B. Priour was born in Balomy, County of Wexford, Ireland, August 1, 1820. Her maiden name in which she was baptized as an infant was Bridget Hart, but she was confirmed in the Catholic Church by the name of Rosalie B. Hart. This is a copy of the deposition, in which she answered questions, in a suit between Dolores Welder and Phil Lambert, recorded in the District Clerk's office in Refugio County, in the year 1896. These answers reveal much history concerning the arrival of the colonists brought over to this area by James Power in 1833. She was about 12 years old when she came to Texas with the colonists, and was 71 years old when this deposition was given. Her remarks are as follows:

Deposition of Rosalie B. Priour I was born in Balomy, County of Wexford, Ireland, I do not remember the Parish in which I was born, but the Parish in which I was born joined the Parish of Balleygarrett. After waiting some time at Liverpool for our ship to start for America and after spending Christmas in Liverpool, we embarked upon the ship and started for America, shortly after Christmas of the year 1833 or in the early part of 1834. My father's family consisting of himself, my mother and three children; two sisters and myself, came to America as colonists, in a colony brought out from Ireland by Mr. James Power, Sr. My father's name was Thomas Hart, my mother's name was Elizabeth, nee Elizabeth O'Leary. My father's family together with all the colonists who came over on the same vessel with me settled in Refugio County, in the town of Refugio, upon lots donated to each head of a family. I do not remember whether these homesteads were donated to the colonists by Mr. Powers or the Mexican Government."

I do not know if this family was any kin to my HART ancestors, but it is highly coincidental that the same surnamed families would be recruited to the same colony in Texas.


pcousins - 04:16pm Aug 19, 2006 Irish (#98 of 453)

I would appreciate any information on the following. Patrick COUSINS (circa 1815) and Elizabeth KEEFFE are my Gt. Gt grandparents. They had at least four children Richard, Thomas, James and Patrick. (Owned lemonade factory) They have other children but I have no details . My Gt. grand father Thomas Cousins (shoemaker, son of Patrick /Elizabeth born about 1840 ) of Kilbreaney, married Alice QUINN of Bryanstown (Clongeen) on March 17th 1863. I have found eight of the children of Thomas and Alice, They where said to have had at least three sets of twins. The children found are Richard (my GF) and James COUSINS (Twins) born December 3rd 1863 at Bryanstown and Mary Cousins born December 21st 1866 at Bryanstown. John and Anne Cousins born 16 February 1869 at Newbawn Wexford (twins) Bridget 1871 and Michael and Patrick 1873 (twins) Newbawn. No information on the children.

Richard Cousins (son of Patrick and Elizabeth). Born about 1844 married Johanna Redmond and they had the following children. Richard 18 Oct, 1865, Maria 13 May 1865, James 6 Feb 1872, Patrick 1875, Lawrence 1882, Nicholas 21 Jan 81, John 19 June 1884. I have no information on the above children except my GF Thomas and gt Uncle Patrick. No information.

Thank you for you help

Peter Cousins


bruce murray - 09:56pm Aug 27, 2006 Irish (#99 of 453)

Hi I am looking for information on James Murray (m) Mary Moran had 3 children that i know of Margret Murray,Catherine Murray 1833, John James Murray 1843.have info that they came from tubbrid(turbrid) area shanagolden area co. limerick as younger sister was born there.John james murray went to australia pyramid hill victoria.any info will be appreciated

Bruce Murray


Julie Shaw - 06:05pm Aug 28, 2006 Irish (#100 of 453)

Hi, I'm looking for information about my Great grandfather John Moulton, who was born in 1862 and lived in Bunclody, Newtownbarry, Wexford. I'd like to find out the names of his parents. Thank you Julie djshawuk@aol.com


Thomas A Kehoe - 09:56pm Aug 29, 2006 Irish (#101 of 453)

My name is thomas Kehoe I was born in Enniscorthy on the 18 feb 1943 at st Johns hospital, my mothers name was Margaret Doyle and Father John (jack)Kehoe I am trying to find the parents of my Fathers Mother who was Elizabeth or ellen Murphy, who had 3 children, Agnes, james, john. Elizabeth married a Michael Kehoe from Coolshall Gorey at Ballyoughter on the 20 August 1922 witnessed by Peter Kavanagh and Mary Murphy. My e-mail address is thomas_kehoe16@hotmail.com any help would be appriciated


Thomas A Kehoe - 10:13pm Aug 29, 2006 Irish (#102 of 453)

My Family name is INGHAM, I am researching my family and so far managed to get as far as my Great/g/g/grandfather. His name was ROBERT INGHAM, he was born in 1826 in Ireland, I cannot find his birth record due to the date. His father was GEORGE INGHAM the problem is that I do not know which area they were from. However they turned up in the 1841 uk census in Accrington, Lancashire. Robert married a Susannah Chadwick in The district of Blackburn, Lancashire. Any info about George or Robert would be of a great help and end my frustration.Many thanks, Marg.contact at margkehoe@msn.com


DAVEY - 09:28pm Sep 2, 2006 Irish (#103 of 453)

Im trying to trace a jack berry wexford who went to america and a steve berry who went to america and joined the army there.we no jack came back to ireland,afriend talked to him on the dock side,then he went back to the states that was the last any one saw of him,famous for his boxing,does any one rember the crown in wexford which was pulled down in the battle of [i think] occum


Lyne wheeler - 06:38am Sep 5, 2006 Irish (#104 of 453)

I am looking for my family Catherine Kavangh, Elizabeth Mary Kavangh brn abt 1848, Patrick Kavangh, parents were Brian Kavangh and Mary McCarthy, Elizabeth and Catherine were brn Wexford I suppose Patrick was born there as well, there may have been other children from Mary and Brian, Catherine and Elizabeth and Patrick emigrated to New Zealand abt 1864


Boyd Fox - 02:39am Sep 10, 2006 Irish (#105 of 453)

I seek any information on Susan Cooper an Irish Orphan girl age 15 , sent to Melbourne Aust. on the ship the New Liverpool arriving in 1849.


Steve Pollard - 01:27pm Sep 14, 2006 Irish (#106 of 453)

I am searching for any Information on a Mosses Brannan/Brannen etc. born around 1816 in Wexford. He married a Mary ?????? born C. 1819


Laura Bistak - 06:21pm Sep 24, 2006 Irish (#107 of 453)

I am looking for information on a WEBSTER group. We know that they fought in 1798 and one was piked with his body thrown in the Slaney River while another died at Vinegar Hill (at least that is the story). My ancestor was William Webster who married a Mary Buchanan. The has 6 children before he died and his family ended up emigrating to the United States in the 1830s. They came to New York and settled for a while before moving to Battle Creek, Michigan. Others from the family are said to have stayed and settled in Ballyduff, Enniscorthy (veterinary surgeon John R.) and Lower Garrybritt. I have also found reference to Lansdowne. The names Edward, John and Robert seem to be quite prominent in the early 1800's in the family. We do know that they were not originally from Ireland but had probably been there for at least 100 years. Any help would be useful. Thanks.


marie owen - 06:48am Sep 26, 2006 Irish (#108 of 453)

I am helping a family member find there family history. Husband being a Kehoe from Wexford needs to find his roots. So far we have John Kehoe, b.26 Feb 1923 d.15 Jan 1999 Enniscorthy and m, 1922 to Margaret Doyle 01 Apr 1924, Bricketstown. d. warkwickshire. I am looking for this persons parentage detais, if anyone can help I would be very gratefull. I have for the parents Michael Kehoe b.Abt. 1880 Gorey,Co.Wexford m. Oct 1922 Rochford, Essex to Elizabeth Murphy, b.1902 Gorey. this is where I am stuck. PLEASE HELP!!!


Philomena Nichols - 12:59pm Sep 27, 2006 Irish (#109 of 453)

I am new to this web site but am interested in finding my dads date and place of birth. Does anybody know if this is possible using only a death certificate which is the only official document in my possession. I know he came from Wexford. His name was James Kelly and he had two siblings William Kelly and Margaret Kelly.


maureen keavney - 07:14pm Sep 28, 2006 Irish (#110 of 453)

I am looking for some information about my great great grandfather is name was John Riley born 1836, he married Mary Riley born 1835 maiden name not known had four children all born in co wexford, moved to manchester/england date not known. His eldest daughter Elizabeth married Robert F Craddock who was born in Armagh in 1853 also moved to manchester/england. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP IF SO I WOULD BE MOST GRATEFULL KIND REGARDS....


Carol Comerford - 03:00am Sep 29, 2006 Irish (#111 of 453)

Looking for ancestors ggrandfather Peter James Comerford from Wexford emigrated to US?? to Wheeling West Virginia


Zoey Temple-Purcell - 12:57pm Sep 29, 2006 Irish (#112 of 453)

I am Looking for any information about Johanna Doyle Or John O'Neill born in the 1890's in the Diocese of Ferns there family's are from Bunclody they are my Grandparents and i would love to know more about them. Thank you so much in anticipation


Shona Barker - 12:35pm Oct 1, 2006 Irish (#113 of 453)

Does anyone know if any Furlong branch from County Wexford originally emigrated from the Friuli/Veneto area of Northern Italy? Someone suggested this to me about five years ago but I have never been able to verify it. Any information would be great. Warmest Thanks, Shona


BarrettBernadett - 08:19pm Oct 1, 2006 Irish (#114 of 453)

JAMES BERRY Hi all, Im trying to find information about my family tree. James Berry, my Grandfather, was born in 1900 and died in 1953 he was a seargent major in the army and was based for a time in limerick Sarchfield Barracks also county kildare curragh. He was married to jane sheehan who was born in 1900 and died 1943. I know that james' father was called john but that is all the information I have. If anyone could help me with any information at all I would be very grateful or any information as to where to look.My father is Thomas Berry born in 1938 he married my mother Christina O'Toole born in 1939 in 1960. Please help Im totally stuck, my father was young when James died and I would love to get as much information as I possibly can. thanks berniebarrett@hotmail.com


Alexander Pierides - 07:28pm Oct 3, 2006 Irish (#115 of 453)

My mum's father came over from Wexford in the 1930's, his name was Jack Spillane. I've never been to Wexford but I am really interested in my Irish ancestary. I would like to trace it back, see if i've got any relatives on that side of my family and see where they live. If anybody has any information on this surname please let me know.


Mark Sutton - 02:29am Oct 8, 2006 Irish (#116 of 453)

Byrnes. Anastasia Byrnes and her kin prior to the Americas.


Anne McCann - 05:53pm Oct 16, 2006 Irish (#117 of 453)

Dolan I'm looking for James Dolan (b 1805)who left Ireland in the 1840's (famine) with his wife Mary (b1811) and his sons Patrick (b 1838) and John (b 1841) for Liverpool. In the 1851 census they are down as brushmakers and their young sons as Hawkers of Brooms.

Does anyone recognise this family as I believe that they came either from Waterford or Wexford.

Anne McCann


Wayne VanVolkenburg - 06:49pm Oct 17, 2006 Irish (#118 of 453)

Looking for information about William Berry b. 1800. Married Margaret Poole b.1801. Both from Wexford County, Gorey area. Married circa 1826. Emigrated to Canada about 1831. Settled in Millbrooke Ontario area.


bettyflaherty - 09:19pm Oct 21, 2006 Irish (#119 of 453)

STEPHEN TOLL born about 1824 in Country Wexford who immigrated to Quebec, Canada with wife Ellen Kennedy born about 1827. Looking for any information of this family in Irish records.


Clint Clark - 12:21am Oct 24, 2006 Irish (#120 of 453)

If anyone has any info re a Patrick Roche born 1803 in Wexford and emmigrated to Newfoundland around 1825 as an indentured servant.


Clint Clark - 12:46am Oct 24, 2006 Irish (#121 of 453)

Actually he was from Waterford.


Penny West - 12:43am Oct 25, 2006 Irish (#122 of 453)

My great grandfather, Robert West, was born in County Wexford about 1841 and died in Wallasey, Cheshire, England in 1892. He married Mary Owen in March 1872 in West Derby, Lancshire, England. They had 4 children. I would like to know more about his Irish background.


Brenda Ryan - 05:29am Nov 3, 2006 Irish (#123 of 453)

Seeking any info on Finlan/Finlon/Brennan families g/g/father was Martin Finlan who m Mary Brennan c 1868-father Michael. Regards Brenda


Dr Liam Clarke - 04:17pm Nov 6, 2006 Irish (#124 of 453)


I am looking for any information about the Leo family Wexford in the late 19 cent.

Any kind of information would be apprectiated


Liam Clarke


wendy rochester - 08:27pm Nov 12, 2006 Irish (#125 of 453)

my name is wendy , my father joseph swaine was born in wexford in 1929 his parents were james and elizabeth . any news would be good news as i am lost since losing my dad in 1984 thanks wendyrochester


wendy rochester - 08:29pm Nov 12, 2006 Irish (#126 of 453)

my name is wendy , my father joseph swaine was born in gorey wexford in 1929 his parents were james and elizabeth . any news would be good news as i am lost since losing my dad in 1984 thanks wendyrochester


susan jagger - 09:21pm Nov 19, 2006 Irish (#127 of 453)

I am looking for any info on the Cogley family who lived School Street Wexford

My GG Grandfather was Patrick Cogley who married Ellen Thiel or Sheil?

They has 3 children Patric 1868 Ellen 1871 and I believe a son called Aiden/Hayden

the 1901 census shows Ellen Cogley as a widow and her dayghter (Mary) Ellen (30) any info would be appreciated


Jennifer Addicoat - 01:42am Nov 20, 2006 Irish (#128 of 453)

I am looking for a John Whalley. May have been married to an Eliza McCoullough. He was born somewhere 1815-1825. He died before 1874. He had at least one son by the name of John Arthur. Only Whalley's I have been able to trace to Ireland, 1 was in Wexford and the other in Waterford. Can anybody help me in this area?


Marion Harper - 12:50pm Nov 20, 2006 Irish (#129 of 453)

Iam looking for any information on John Harper - born abt 1858 in Wexford. We think John may have had a sister Elizabeth born abt 1853 and that parents may have been Richard and Mary Harper (nee Bryan). Can anybody help- in traching this family down?


Todd Morris - 08:16pm Nov 24, 2006 Irish (#130 of 453)

I am looking for any information on the country of mistereen in wexford Ireland. alos looking for the name keating...thanks...



annbelanger - 11:45pm Nov 27, 2006 Irish (#131 of 453)

GLASCOTT family of Wexford. Lucinda, Ann, John and William Glascott came to Canada in 1819 after (it is said) their uncle Rev. William Glascott helped himself to their inheritance when their parents died. The boys were underage and Rev. William was to have been their guardian and trustee.

I would like to know how I would go about getting documents to show that their father (John Glascott of Creacon s/o Francis B Glascott of Piltown) had the estates he is rumoured to have had and if they did transfer to Rev. William about 1817-1819 or so. I would also like to find John's will if at all possible.

If anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Contact me directly at ann.belanger@powergate.ca

ANN in Canada


Kathleen Cairns - 11:20pm Dec 9, 2006 Irish (#132 of 453)

Family name Fordy/Forday/Fordie/Fordey of Wexford c1825.

Anyone out there with interest in the same name


Len Green - 08:22pm Dec 10, 2006 Irish (#133 of 453)

Porter Family- Looking for Porter family ancestors. My great grandfather, Oliver Porter , born circa 1805, emigrated to Sunnidale township, Ontario, Canada between 1825 and 1830. His spouse’s name could possibly been Hilbourne


Patrick William Clark - 02:24pm Dec 12, 2006 Irish (#134 of 453)

Am looking for relatives of Richard Thomas Browne (my great grandfather) born 1866 approx. Married Christina had daughters Sophia and Maggie. Emigrated to England and settled in Sheffield. Patrick Clark


lynn kehoe - 11:02pm Dec 26, 2006 Irish (#135 of 453)

I am looking for mygreatgrandparents marriage certificate james field 1861 hoxton london and margaret frizelle 1864 new ross they had a son also james 1882 born newross then they came over to england and settled in derbyshire a few of margarets siblings also settled in derbyshire could anyone point me in the right direction thank you


Audrey Gurtner - 05:43am Jan 14, 2007 Irish (#136 of 453)

I am researching my ancestors from Ballycanew County Wexford. My grandfather was Henry Hill, he had a large shop in the village.I want to know where his father and grandfather came from.


Audrey Gurtner - 05:46am Jan 14, 2007 Irish (#137 of 453)

My email address about Henry hill is Audmaxgurtner@hotmail.com


Kelly Haynes Green - 07:32pm Jan 19, 2007 Irish (#138 of 453)

Catherine O'Neill and Henry Young who were from Co. Wexford both I am guessing were born in the 1870's. We have no real information on them, especially Henry. I think his mother might be Mary Jane Walker (b. 1844 ?) but so far I can not link that Henry to my G. Grandfather. As for Catherine, we know that she had several brothers who owned businesses in Co. Wexford, although we do not know which area. We also are pretty sure that Henry attended Trinity College in the early to mid 1890's. They lived in Dublin where Henry was a copywriter. They had several children (not in order): Kathleen, Una, Henry, Valentine, Desmond (1908) and others. I know it's not much to go on but I would appreciate any help at all.


Annette Code - 08:22pm Jan 23, 2007 Irish (#139 of 453)

I have some information on a CD 'gravestone inscriptions' by Cantwell. Olygate has a graveyard.I only check this website a couple of times a year, so contacting me directly is the best way to go, no point posting information nobody wants. codeannette@yahoo.com


Claire Cooper - 05:44am Jan 27, 2007 Irish (#140 of 453)

My 3rd great-grandfather Shepherd HOWARTH was born 1817 in New Ross to Shepherd HOWARTH and Mary PASCOE. He emigrated to Australia 1845 with the British Army 11th Regiment of the Foot. I am looking for any connections in New Ross. HOWARTH is usually a Lancashire surname, so the family may have started there. Thanks!


Colleen Donnelly - 04:56pm Jan 29, 2007 Irish (#141 of 453)

I'm interested in tracing back my great grandfather, Richard Donnelly born 1805 in Bannow , Wexford, Ireland died 1848 in Ardinagh Little, Wexford, Ireland married Margaret Murphy 01 Oct 1829 in Taghmon, Wexford, Ireland. Any ideas where I should start?



liam10 - 05:27pm Feb 1, 2007 Irish (#142 of 453)

any one know of the surname Ridley poss born 1820ish married a Bridget ? possibly gilligan moved to uk abt 1853 at least bridget did shown as widow on 1861 uk cencus regards Liam


mary O'Shaughnessy - 05:39pm Feb 4, 2007 Irish (#143 of 453)

My name is mary o'shaughnessy and i am trying to trace my grandfather's family. He was born in Wexford 9(nr Gorey) in 1875. His name was Michael Hughes and his father's name was Peter. I think his mother was called Bridget (maiden name McCreary). Can anyone help? Mary


Marcelle - 04:23am Feb 5, 2007 Irish (#144 of 453)

looking for any information on my Great Grandmother Margaret O'Neil born Ferns Wexford 1815 to Denis O'Neill and Catherine Roney/Rooney,Denis and Catherine had two other daughters,Bridget O'Neill born,1822,Catherine,born.1825 and a son,Denis born 1829.Margaret left Wexford Ireland,to arrive in Australia in 1840 as a free immigrant,anything on her or her family would be most welcomed.


alison cllip - 04:50pm Feb 6, 2007 Irish (#145 of 453)

looking for a moses nunn.Born in wexford Ireland PARENTS UNKNOWN born abt 1840.moved to weymouth in england date unknown.married a mary gale in weymouth england


susan jagger - 11:37pm Feb 11, 2007 Irish (#146 of 453)


Lived on the Fort in Rosslare then in school street wexford Christopher Patrick Cogley born 1868/9


Greg Young - 10:33pm Feb 20, 2007 Irish (#147 of 453)

I am looking for info on my Great-Great Grandfather James Young (Born 1815)& his son Myles Digby Young. Known to have moved from County Atrim to County Wexford & Immigrated to Canada from there in 1865. Please contact me at:


Thank You;



Heather - 12:20am Feb 23, 2007 Irish (#148 of 453)

Would someone please give me as much information about ROBERT & HANNAH THACKABERRY, that they can.

What family did they have.?

THEY were my gGreat Grandparents.

Does anyone out there know anything about them????

Please Please help me.



Didgie Blain-Rozgay - 06:08am Feb 25, 2007 Irish (#149 of 453)

My paternal grandmother was a Keeley from County Wexford. Anyone know where the Keeley's were from? -Didgie Blain-Rozgay mdtbr@sbcglobal.net LA CA USA


Barbara Denno - 03:54am Mar 1, 2007 Irish (#150 of 453)

John Dillon went to the United States from Ferns, County Wexford about 1850. He was Roman Catholic and his oldest son was named Michael Bernard. His second son was James, and his third son was John. Mis oldest daughter was Margaret (his wife's name), and his second daughter was Mary Elizabeth. I am looking for his ancestors. Any help appreciated.

Barbara Denno b_denno@yahoo.com


jo smith - 12:19am Mar 4, 2007 Irish (#151 of 453)


I am looking for information about Nash/Naish of Wexford also Murphys, especially Taghmon.

Any help appreciated




brenda - 11:06pm Mar 4, 2007 Irish (#152 of 453)


I am looking for the family of James o toole Oulart co wexford ireland around 1864 residence is spelt kilcotty or something similar hard to understand writing on birth cert of a margaret o toole because there was none for james


Christine Starbuck - 08:56pm Mar 8, 2007 Irish (#153 of 453)

Looking for information regarding Wall, Toy, and Carroll families. Edward Patrick Wall married Alice Carroll and immigrated to New York in 1850's. According to Alice's death certificate, she was from Houseland, Ireland. Any information would be appreciated. Houseland appears to be a townland around New Ross.


Pamela Britt - 09:16pm Mar 9, 2007 Irish (#154 of 453)

Having a hard time finding ancestors with the surname Synott.I saw a map stating they were from the Wexford area of Ireland.Would love a time line as to when they migrated to the New England area of the USA.


Gustavo Hernandez - 11:33am Mar 10, 2007 Irish (#155 of 453)


Gustavo is my friend.

My name is Eryn Van Hook, Aka, Erin Mcnulty and I am looking for information on Michael Patrick Mcnulty, a former RAF pilot from Wexford. Approximate age 67 to 69 years old. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact: emc765@hotmail.com or Gustavohz1@hotmail.com...

thank you sincerely



CAROLYN HAYWOOD - 11:10pm Mar 12, 2007 Irish (#156 of 453)

Hello, I am looking for any Coakley relatives in Wexford. In Ireland it may be spelled Colclough or Colkley. Thanks, Carolyn


TStrigle - 02:40am Mar 16, 2007 Irish (#157 of 453)

I am looking for background information on a Edward Robert Barry of passage east in wexford county who married catherine herlighy of bantry bay in cork county. They immigrated to the US in the late 1870's early 1880's. I am not sure if they met in the US and married or where married prior to coming over Any info would be appreciated. Contact Trstr@aol.com. Thanks


Harry Stafford - 08:27pm Mar 20, 2007 Irish (#158 of 453)

William Stafford born near Piercestown about 1825. Emigrated to New York arriving June 1846 before going on to San Francisco 1860. Trade was as a ship's carpenter or corker. Any current Staffords in Wexford descendents of William ?


John Comerford - 07:09pm Mar 21, 2007 Irish (#159 of 453)

My grandfather, Matthew Comerford, was born July 1861, to my great grandfather Matthew Comerford and Elizabeth nee Carty. Any information concerning where in Wexford he lived would be very helpful. He immigrated in 1882 to New York. Records of the RIC indicated he joined in April 1882 and resigned in May 1882 and was native to Wexford. He may have had a sister who married a Redmond, they having a daughter Elizabeth Redmond who immigrated to New York in the 1910's. My grandfather may have visited Wexford in 1913.


jacqueline metcalfe - 12:24pm Mar 23, 2007 Irish (#160 of 453)

looking for any info on james & mary hendrick who came to live in england in the 40.s/50.s with there small children james was born in wexford marys birth place unknown please see larger message on this topic under the heading hendrick many many thanks


Aedan McDonald - 04:28pm Apr 9, 2007 Irish (#161 of 453)

My father was Richard McDonald. His parents - Michael McDonald and wife Mary(Nolan) came to the USA/New Jersey aprox 1901. I understand their respective family farms were located in County Wexford. They were neighbors - the homes/farms beside one another. I understand the McDonalds still own the same property. Perhaps the Nolans are there, as well.

I would like to contact my relatives there. I am researching thru family here in States for a contact to reach out too. Thanks for considering this post and perhaps providing any helpful info for my quest! Have a Warm Day!


Mary Tunnell-Jones - 01:44pm Apr 14, 2007 Irish (#162 of 453)

I would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of the family of Thomas Conroy born 1793 in Inch An Innis Co Wexford. He married and emigrated to Australia in the early to mid 1800's. It's the Irish link I am looking for. Many thanks Mary T-j


Melinda McMullan - 04:24pm Apr 14, 2007 Irish (#163 of 453)

My great grandfather was Martin Kennedy, lighthouse keeper of Hook Head lighthouse. I would love to find out who his parents and grandparents were going back as far as possible.


Liliana Castiglioni Furlong - 06:48am Apr 16, 2007 Irish (#164 of 453)

I am part Furlong, mother´s side Susana Leonor. My grandfather, Guillermo (William) was born on the ship going to Argentina, his sister was Mary Furlong from Wexford I think. Does anybody connect with this story?. Sorry not to have more details.


Janice Adams - 08:27pm Apr 16, 2007 Irish (#165 of 453)

Trying to locate my GG Grandmother and GG Grandfather both from Wexford. Anna Breen born around 1830 and went to U.S. in "early life" she married John Lacey born 1817 and also went to U.S. about 1833. They married in 1852 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Would really like to know who their parents were and where in Wexford they came from. Any help would be appreciated.


Miriam C Brown - 06:25pm Apr 27, 2007 Irish (#166 of 453)

I am trying to locate any relatives that are related to Mathew Duggan who emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts about 1900. He lived in Tecumshane or Tomhaggard. He had brothers who came to Massachusetts before him and their names were James and Patrick. He also had sisters who stayed behind in Ireland. One sister was name Mary who married a McGrath.


Ellen Clarry - 10:29pm Apr 29, 2007 Irish (#167 of 453)

I am trying to locate any relatives of my gg grandfather James Kehoe, born County Wexford 12 October 1835. He emigrated to Canada and married my gggrandmother Margaret Melady (Mulady?) in 1861 in Ontario, Canada. He died on 1 February 1901 and is buried in Seaforth, Ontario. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ellen


karen p jones - 05:42pm May 2, 2007 Irish (#168 of 453)

Im trying to find information on both sides of my mums parents. Thomas Breen born c1842 in Enniscorthy wed Alice/Ellen ? They had 2 children in Enniscorthy called Johanna & John. Also my mums dads parents were John Philip Breen who wed Alice Armstrong c1881 & they had a son called Peter in 1882. Can anyone help please?


suz fardon - 02:21pm May 5, 2007 Irish (#169 of 453)

Hi,I am trying to find the Nunn family from Wexford ,I think it might be the ones from St Margarets.I have Joshua Nunn born 1740 living in England ,Stowmarket but want to find the other Joshua Nunns who came from Ireland.Any help appreciated,Suz


Elizabeth Perrott - 11:14pm May 8, 2007 Irish (#170 of 453)

Donnelly/Pender. My greatgrandparents are listed on the UK census as having been born in Wexford, mid19th centure although no area given. John Donnelly and Elizabeth Pender. The went to Liverpool. I know Donnelly is a fairly usual name but Pender seems rarer. Any Wexford Donnellys and Penders out there?


Jo-Anne MacKenzie - 10:42pm May 13, 2007 Irish (#171 of 453)


Looking for details on Michael French who married Honora Mernagh in County Wexford about 1835 to 1840. They had two sons that I know of, Robert & James.

Also need details on Patrick Kilbride who married Bridget Kerns approx. 1840's. They had at least one daughter, DORA.

Any information would be appreciated.


Jo-Anne MacKenzie


Joe Walker - 04:27am May 24, 2007 Irish (#172 of 453)

Born in Wexford Patrick Nolan (Coachman)b circa 1824 ran away with the lady or daughter of the house, Anastatia b circa 1825, they were married in Wexford circa 1851. They had three children while living in Wexford- James Nolan b1856,William Nolan b1858, Mary Nolan b 1862.They moved to Liverpool and had Margaret Nolan b 1860 and Patrick Nolan b 1867. I am interested to find irish decendants of the Nolan and Shaw Family and also generations which went before Patrick and Anastatia. I invite your consideration and appreciate your kind interest. Joe.


Marsha Hogan - 04:11am Jun 1, 2007 Irish (#173 of 453)

I am looking for knowledge of Patrick and Mary Shannon. Their son Michael was born in 1798 in Dunbrody, Wexford county. Michael left Ireland and arrived in New Brunswick,Canada in 1822. Anyone who knows anything please let us know. I need info on Patrick and Mary. Also any vital statistics on the birth of their children. Thank you in advance. Marsha


Catherin Colahan - 07:30pm Jun 15, 2007 Irish (#174 of 453)

Martin Colahan (Coolahan) married a girl from Wexford. They had two daughters Bridget and Mary that lived in Inchicore all there lives. They never married. Bridgit worked for the Irish sweepstakes. They died around 1970. Does anyone know of them or remember them ???


Betty Campbell - 12:02am Jun 17, 2007 Irish (#175 of 453)

I'm looking for information on my great,great, great grandmother. She came from County Wexford, and married a Thomas Murphy. They left Ireland before they married and were wed in Newfoundland, Canada. She was Mary Redmond, daughter of John Redmond. They were married in 1818. Any information on their Irish roots would be appreciated.


rolande reynolds - 07:36pm Jun 28, 2007 Irish (#176 of 453)

Hi, My grand-father was born in Wexford Ireland around 1933. His name was Fergus Dempsey. Any help would be appreciated in locating some of the family. Thank you, Cora


P Moore - 12:27am Jun 30, 2007 Irish (#177 of 453)

Trying to locate Larkin family. Mary Theresa Larkin, mother's maiden name Hayes. Father was a postmaster. Any thoughts on how to locate a list of postmasters? Mary came to USA abt 1882 to San Francisco, CA, USA. Any help appreciated. Pat


Jane Cronin - 01:07am Jul 11, 2007 Irish (#178 of 453)

Looking for information on John Lee b abt 1780 Gorey County Wexford d; abt 1851. Married Rosetta Wall b: abt 1785 County Wicklow. d: Abt 1874

Thanks Jane



Judith Silver - 11:39pm Jul 16, 2007 Irish (#179 of 453)

I am looking for infomation on a William Myler, who lived in County Wexford in the late 1700's before he immigrated to the United States. I believe that his brothers were Thomas and James.

Judy Silver silver@marshall.edu


Marian Hassett - 01:30pm Jul 17, 2007 Irish (#180 of 453)

Eliza Wilson born Wexford 1808, transported from Cork 1833. Sailed on the Andromeda was unmarried but had a female baby with her. Would really like to find our more about the child. Was told by other convicta to say she was married, when she applied in Australia 3 times to be married this was refused. The reason being the shipping records stated she was married. Help would be appreciated


frances berry - 06:52pm Jul 24, 2007 Irish (#181 of 453)

Frances Murphy

I am look for Annie KIRWEN born about 1837 in Oulart Co,Wexford. ? she might have married in Oulart,to Patrick Murphy and at some time they went to Dublin. Her mothers maiden name was ? Murphy. Patrick was a sailor.


LM Gear - 08:50pm Aug 4, 2007 Irish (#182 of 453)

Looking for information on the ROACH and RYAN families that were in the Burkestown New Ross region timeframe 1780-1830s. My ancestor was Thomas ROACH born June 06 1816 Burkestown New Ross Wexford CO. - this information is on his gravestone in Frenchvale Cape Breton NS Canada, he died June 16 1886. Thomas Roach was in Cape Breton in the early 1830s and successfully operated a lumber mill. His parents may have been William Roach and Catherine RYAN, he may have been a fisherman possibly lost at sea. I have no idea if Thomas had any siblings. I have been trying for nearly a decade to find out more on these families any help would be so appreciated.


EARL LEE FURLONG - 04:24am Aug 13, 2007 Irish (#183 of 453)



Bill Hughes - 04:51am Aug 31, 2007 Irish (#184 of 453)

I am looking for any information for my branch of the Cullen Family from Wexford. My grandparents emigrated to St Louis,USA in approx. 1890. Before they emigrated they lived in Central Waterford County. I believe they were originally from Wexford Co. The Family included: John F. Cullen bn 1848+-, Elizabeth Moore Bn 1854 _+, Children Marie Cullen 1878, James Joseph Cullen 1882, Elizabeth Cullen 1888 +_ Does any of this look familiar any ideas send to hughes.w@comcast.net


Christine Byrne Fortin - 05:26am Sep 9, 2007 Irish (#185 of 453)

My great great great grandfather, Philip Byrne, was born in County Wexford in 1780 and worked as a stonemason there and in New Brunswick, Canada where he eventually emigrated. His first wife, Catherine(?) Kennedy, died in new Brunswick, Canada in 1825. He married Mary McDonnell in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1826. Mary and Philip were my first Irish grandparents here in Canada. Their grandson, Charles Fenwick Byrne, was my Dad's grandfather. I would like to know where in County Wexford Philip came from, who his parents and siblings were, when he came to Canada, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Christine Byrne Fortin


Pia Smith - 02:21am Sep 14, 2007 Irish (#186 of 453)

Michael/Anastasia FENLON

I am looking for information on my grandad Mikie Fenlon of Wolf Tone Villas married to Anastatsia Hatchell Parents of: Bridget/George/William/Michael/Martin/Alice/James/Margaret/Anastasia They were living in Wolf Tone in the early 1920's any information on my grandparents or great-grand-parents would greatly appreciated thank you so much for taking the time to read this message. Maureen Smith Please contact me on msmith55@aol.com


maryburke - 01:53pm Sep 19, 2007 Irish (#187 of 453)

can anybody help me try & find any of my living relatives in Enniscorthy??? I have an aunt living there Anne ( Nancy ) cugly ( nee Burke ) born 4th may 1936/37??? parents name patrick joesph BURKE & margaret mary Burke ( nee Sunderland ) Any info would be most appreciated Please email me on hayley@del127.orangehome.co.uk thanks Adele


Dona Wexstaff - 03:33am Sep 26, 2007 Irish (#188 of 453)

I am looking for information on the family name WEXSTAFF. I am told our ancestor left Ireland, county unknown, in the 1830-1840's. Any information would be most appreciated. You may e-mail me at: dona.wexstaff@yahoo.com Kind regards, Dona


Ray Peck - 11:11pm Sep 29, 2007 Irish (#189 of 453)

I am looking for any information or living descendants of the MULADY family from Westmeath Ireland. I am trying to put my family tree together and come from this family.

Please mail raypeck23@aol.com

Kind regards



hayley - 01:24am Sep 30, 2007 Irish (#190 of 453)

Hello, My sister previously posted a message and left a few details out. We are searching for any information about a Margaret Mary Burke who was married to Patrick Joseph Burke and they lived in a village called Monageer in Eniscorthy County Wexford. Between 1930-1965 they then emigrated to England. They had many children, Michael, Teresa, Ann (Nancy), Margaret(Peggy), Ellen (Nelly), Joseph, John, William (Bill),Katherine(Kathleen),Carmel,Philomena (mary)and James(Jim)and several more that passed during infancy! I believe that a Mrs Murphy is still residing in the cottage that they all lived in, which was the family home of the Burkes! Margaret Burke was born 20/01/1910 Patrick Joseph Burke was born 29/09/1905. I am not sure where they were born or married but any information regarding this would be most appreciated. Please contact Adele on hayley@del127.orangehome.co.uk thank you


jim vroman - 03:44pm Oct 7, 2007 Irish (#191 of 453)

Looking for information on Elizabeth Sutton Daughter of Thomas Sutt and Sarah Cooney born in Oylgate,Wexford County,Ireland


terry mallon - 12:33am Oct 12, 2007 Irish (#192 of 453)

HI looking for information on the Mallons, who we think originated in templetown co Wexford. would be grateful for any help


John Prosser - 03:38pm Oct 18, 2007 Irish (#193 of 453)

I am looking for any information regarding James Furlong who was born in Bannow,Co.Wexford in 1895.He moved to Swansea South Wales in 1910-1912.He served in the Munster Fusiliers in WW1,He married Alice Morrisey in 1919? and remained in Swansea until his death in 1943.He had three children,two boys and one girl.I am one of his five surviving grandsons ,but unfortunately have only this information about him.I would be very grateful for any information concerning him or any surviving relatives.


Margaret King - 07:53pm Nov 2, 2007 Irish (#194 of 453)

to terry mallon, in response to your message posted on the 12th october 2007, regarding the mallons of templetown co.wexford....u just found that family!!..if you'd like to know more let me know!..Really hoping to hear from you soon..


bexter - 06:21pm Nov 6, 2007 Irish (#195 of 453)

Hi I am looking for any information that anyone has to help me in my search for details of the Crosbie family from Wexford. I have found out that my great great grandfather Patrick Crosbie was born there in 1835 and that he married Ann Bryan and they had a son called Martin born in Wexford. They then moved to England and settled in Lancashire. I cannot find any information on births in Wexford for this time. Other than trav elling over to Ireland, I am at a standstill with my geneology search.

I would be so so so grateful if there is anyone out there who knows anthing that could help me. Rebecca Dilworth


Joseoh Long - 10:45pm Dec 4, 2007 Irish (#196 of 453)

Joe long Hi i am looking for information on three Doran sisters Ellen ,Margaret, Mary, and their brother Paul who emigrated to America about 1900


SUSAN ELLIS - 01:14pm Dec 23, 2007 Irish (#197 of 453)



Annie Feeney - 04:09pm Dec 29, 2007 Irish (#198 of 453)

REID. Iam trying to find any information on the REID family, originally from Wexford, namely my Grandfather Samuel born 1887, he had a sister Mary and a brother James. There may have been other siblings I'm not aware of. Samuel was in the Metropolitan Police in London at some point, either before he married or afterwards.Apparently there has been a member of the REID family in the police force going back generations.Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Colleen Ackroyd - 10:46am Dec 31, 2007 Irish (#199 of 453)

To Ramon Coster, September 27,2005 (#58 of 198)

I am new to this site (& still learning my around the computer) but we do have an ancestor in common. Catherine Murray and James McCullum are my late husband's Great Grandfather & great grandmother. If you are still interested, I am keen to exchange information about the family tree. I am living in Sydney NSW


Allen Jim - 07:41pm Jan 7, 2008 Irish (#200 of 453)

I'm looking for the ancestors of Kathleen Josephine Cloney B.1887, John Cloney, Edward Cloney and Daughter Anastatia Black rock Dublin and Wexford are the only clues

Any help in locating or searching Irish ancesters apreciated

Jim Based Surrey UK


Steven Smith - 04:20pm Jan 19, 2008 Irish (#201 of 453)

Looking for my 2nd great grandfather Patrick Dunn born March 24, 1824 , in county Wexford. married Jane Toole. Emigrated to America

let me know if you have a lead. thanks to anyone Steve swsmith3@hotmail.com


Colin DÁrcy - 11:14pm Jan 20, 2008 Irish (#202 of 453)

Looking for DÁrcy/Condren family in Wexford. My great-grand father was James DÁrcy and his wife was Winifred Condren.


Patrick D. Murphy - 06:38pm Jan 31, 2008 Irish (#203 of 453)

My grandfather, James Murphy, was a baker who emigrated to Syracuse, NY from Newtownberry with several of his brothers somewhere between 1890 and 1900. I would like to find out anything I can about his family as it was then, and also what family memebers might still be in Newtownberry or nearby.


Kavanagh - 04:58pm Feb 10, 2008 Irish (#204 of 453)

My name is Dennis Kavanagh. I live in Ontario, Canada and am planning a visit to Ireland in late June / early July with my brother and our wives. My brother and I are trying to trace our ancestors (father's side)who we understand lived in Wexford County, Ireland. The only record we have is that Moses Kavanagh (my great great grandfather)came to Canada (settled near Brockville) with his wife Margaret (Flood - maiden name) and 7 year old daughter Ellen sometime in the 1800's - the best guesstimate we have is between 1830 and 1850 ...wondering if there are any Kavanaghs in Wexford County with information about this ...


Margaret Breen - 12:52pm Feb 16, 2008 Irish (#205 of 453)

My name is Margaret Breen. My late father was Joseph Patrick Breen of Main Street, Gorey, Co Wexford - born in 1913. His mother and father were William and Mary and they married in the late 1800s.

Can anyone tell me how far back the Breen name goes in Gorey (or nearby)?

Were there any alternative spellings for the name Breen in history?

Does anyone know if the name was brought to Wexford/Ireland from another country (even if this was centuries before)?


michelle kennedy - 10:45pm Feb 16, 2008 Irish (#206 of 453)

im looking for any information on a great granfather that was born -1849+ in ireland we think strongly that it was wexford james rorks/rorke/rourke or similar, father is deffinately michael, im trying to find out the mams name. i found a michael in new ross area from the griffiths valuation parish inch and another michael rourke parish kilmakillogue thanks if anyone can help michelle kennedy


Ann Withers - 07:29am Feb 17, 2008 Irish (#207 of 453)

Hello. I'm looking for Moores and Kirks in Co Wexford, possibly Gorey. My great-great-grandfather was William Moore who married Margaret Kirk and their daughter Anastatia (born Gorey) was my grandfather's mother. She married Peter Carroll from Dublin. Ann Withers


catherine O'Toole - 04:28pm Feb 26, 2008 Irish (#208 of 453)

Catherine O'Toole -17.24 Feb 26th 2008 I am searching for any information on my fathers family. His name is Nicholas Moore born in bree Enniscorthy 29.06.1929, I am trying to trace his family tree.He had three brothers Tom, Larry, Matt, and four sisters Madge, Lilly, Chrissie and Pauline


terrylupo - 01:04am Mar 3, 2008 Irish (#209 of 453)

I'm looking for Dennis Hogan who was born in Wexford County around 1833. He emigrated to the U.S. in the 1850's and settled in St. Louis where he married and raised his family. If anyone knows of the Hogans in Wexford County please email me at tlupo@sbcglobal.net Thanks for your help!


mary O'Shaughnessy - 11:40am Mar 12, 2008 Irish (#210 of 453)

Looking for Hughes family from Gorey Co Wexford. Michael Hughes b:1875. Siblings - Sarah, James .

Parents - Peter Hughes and Bridget(nee McCreary.

Any info. gratefully received. Mary


Jane Sinnott - 06:28pm Mar 15, 2008 Irish (#211 of 453)

My name is Jane Sinnott, My Grandfather was Michael George Sinnott from Gibberpatrick, rathangan, county Wexford. He was the son of William Sinnott and Mary Murphy married in 1866 and had 13 children in all. Patrick, Mary Anne, Mary Ellen, Michael, William, William, Michael, Anne Elizabeth, Francis, Margaret, John James Thomas, Nicholas and Robert. Trying to find any information on any relatives still living with the view to getting to know each other and to fill in gaps on family history. Please contact me at jane@jwillment2.wanadoo.co.uk. Thankyou.


waratah potters - 04:19am Mar 21, 2008 Irish (#212 of 453)

Hi, Looking for any information on Carroll family from Enniscorthy Wexford. Matthew Carroll was born 1801 & sent to Sydney Australia in 1823 on board Recovery. His younger brother James from Wicklow was also sent to Sydney in 1823 on board Medina for the same offence horsestealing. Their parents were Matthew Carroll who was no longer alive in 1823 at the time of his sons transportation and mother was Catherine. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it with me. My email address is mickdonnelly@hotmail.com


Judith McCallum - 12:40am Mar 30, 2008 Irish (#213 of 453)

I am looking for information on Mary O'Brien who married my Gt Grandfather William Morrissey in Cappoquin in 1863 later imigrated to Aust.later on to NZ. She was born Waterford 1846.


Linda Brown - 08:34pm Apr 8, 2008 Irish (#214 of 453)

Hello, I am looking for information about my grandparents. My grandfather was Richard Pierce and he married Bridget Dempsey. They originally lived in the Faythe, but later moved to Wolfe Tone. My grandfather had a sister Polly Roche also some brothers names unsure. My grandfather worked in Pierces Foundry He was an accomplished musician. My grandmother was a Dempsey I believe she had brothers and possibly a sister . They had a large family some died in childhood but others are Annie,Mary,James Margaret (Maggie) ,Richard (Paul), Sarah (Sadie),Kathleen, Bridget (Bridie) Theresa (Rita),Christine . Grateful for any information . Could we be related to the Pierces who own a garage in Wexford or possibly the Jewellers in Dublin Contact me at linda.brown557@ntlworld.com


Jim Kurtti - 10:04pm Apr 12, 2008 Irish (#215 of 453)

Seeking information on the HOWLETT, WICKHAM & BROWN families of Owenduff & surrounding area, County Wexford.

Nicholas HOWLETT was born & died Owenduff ?, Co. Wexford - married to Julia WICKHAM. She was born Abt. 1799 in Co. Wexford and died in America. - Children: Mary Ann(1829), James(1832), Margaret(1835), John(1837) & Richard(1841) - Julia and her children immigrated to the U.S. in 1850.

Mary HOWLETT - born Yoletown, Wexford. Married Patrick BROWN on 24 Jan 1833 Ballycullane. Children ?

James WICKHAM - b. 1793 Kinnagh, Wexford - married Bridget (1787-1869) - daughter Margaret (1820)


Maria Rostock - 11:41am Apr 18, 2008 Irish (#216 of 453)

seeking information on the births of THOMAS HAMILTON Born WEXFORD 1840 AND MARY FOGERTY born 1840 WEXFORD.

THOMAS HAMILTON and MARY FOGERTY married in Wexford Parish, Wexford on the 14th November 1859. They were off Catholic Denomination.

THOMAS & MARY emigrated to England where they settled in Liverpool with their four children.


Christine Guthrie - 03:01pm Apr 21, 2008 Irish (#217 of 453)

Seeking information on Richard Butler, Taghmon, Wexford. Recently located inforamtion from Tithe Defaulters 1831 showing a Richard Butler, Slevoy. Also found an Ellen Butler, Slevoy, under Griffiths Evaluation. I have no other inforamtion on them other than my great grandmother was an Ellen Butler who went to Liverpool as a teen and then came to the USA. I am looking for her parents and came upon the Tithe and Griffiths information.


Brigid Dunne - 07:59pm Apr 27, 2008 Irish (#218 of 453)

Hi Wexford GOWAN I am trying to find any information on my grandmother. Her name was Mary gowan I think she was born in 1897. her fathers name was John Gowan I dont know what her mothers name was. She married a james Dunne in 1923. Before she married she lived in a place called Annagh Kilane?in not sure how to spell that what I would like to find out is what her mothers maiden name was so that I can get a birth cretificate for her. All I know about her father is that he was a labour. It would be great if anyone can let me know any information about her and her family if she had brothers or sisters or if anyone from Annagh could tell me how I could find out about her thank you so much Nuala Mahon


ThomasEDempsey - 04:36pm May 17, 2008 Irish (#219 of 453)

I am looking for any information on my Grandfather Thomas Dempsey who was a coach builder and lived in John Street in Wexford Town. His wife's maiden name was Catherine Scallan. Thomas died around 1903. They had the following children Annastatia (Statia), Anna, Thomas, Mark, Edward and Elizabeth. Except for Statia and Edward they all died between 1905 and 1914. Statia married a Nicholas Murphy whose family owned a Bakery in Lower Main St. Edward emigrated to Argentina in 1926 but returned a year later and married a Georgina Keyes. Any info prior to 1900.


Penny West - 01:51am May 24, 2008 Irish (#220 of 453)

I am looking for any information on the descendants of Edward and Mary West, Church of Ireland parish of Killegny, County Wexford. They had six children: Robert (my ggf), William, Susan, Samuel, Maria and Samuel. Robert emigrated to England around 1860.

Penny West


Mari Jackson - 08:04pm May 28, 2008 Irish (#221 of 453)

I am looking for any information on my Great Great Grandfather, William Hopley, born in County Wexford,in about 1785. A John & William Hopley emigrated to Canada,about 1817. I am assuming they were brothers and there may have been more family members. All information appreciated.


TPMcCann - 10:35pm Jun 27, 2008 Irish (#222 of 453)

Seeking information on my GGGG Grandfather Matthew Murphy circa 1762 County Wexford, left Ireland about 1811. Tim McCann: timpmccann@comcast.net


Lyn Howell - 06:17pm Jul 1, 2008 Irish (#223 of 453)

Lyn Howell Looking for information about my maternal grandfather John McLoughlin from Ballycogly in Wexford



Richard Nugent - 10:58am Jul 3, 2008 Irish (#224 of 453)

Looking for any info on Matthew O'Connor (Born abt 1824 in Ballygerry Kilrane Co. Wexford who married Margaret Howlin also of Wexford on abt 1864


Loretta Anderson - 02:15pm Jul 7, 2008 Irish (#225 of 453)

DUNPHY,Margaret and KEHOE, John b. 1870's? to New York 1880's? Parents of my grandmother Bridget Loretta Kehoe b.1904 New York lander60@gmail.com


Susannah Fifield - 03:45pm Jul 7, 2008 Irish (#226 of 453)

I am looking for the Leach family of Co Wexford. My late Grandmother Margaret Anne Leach married a William Fifield from St John's, Newfoundland.


Rita Jackson - 09:47pm Jul 12, 2008 Irish (#227 of 453)

I have a Ellen Franey born 1840, Kilkenny, Ireland, immigrated to America, settled in Missouri. Her death certificate says her father was John Franey of Ireland. Family history says she had 2 other sisters who came with her to the USA. Any connections to anyone?


Cynthia Elsey - 05:38am Jul 16, 2008 Irish (#228 of 453)

ELLEN CURRAN - She was my g.g.grandmother who was an orphan girl from Enniscorthy, Co Wexford who emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1849. Her father was PATT CURRAN and her step-mother was JUDITH KEYES. She also had a step-sister, but name unknown. I think Patt, Judith and the step-sister emigrated to Australia c.1851. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who may have information on these Currans.


Kelly Stone - 11:30am Jul 18, 2008 Irish (#229 of 453)

I am looking for any information on Thomas Kavanagh born abt 1834 in Templeshanbo, Co Wexford. We believe his parents were Michael Kavanagh and Margaret McGlaughlin. Any information would be helpful thank you


Doolan Carrie - 12:33pm Jul 20, 2008 Irish (#230 of 453)

I am researching Peter Shannon born 1881 in New Ross Wexford,both Peter and brother John Joseph Shannon resided in Australia and Peter Shannon died WW1 in France, he had enlisted with the Australian Imperial Force and died 19th July 1916. cheers C Doolan


Kim Stoeber - 05:35pm Jul 29, 2008 Irish (#231 of 453)

I am looking for information on Alex Marks and his wife Eliza. They had six children. My husband descends from their oldest daughter, Sarah Jane, who was born in Wexford Ireland in 1826. Alex was born in 1796 and his wife Eliza in 1803. They left Ireland for the states sometime between 1845 and 1850.

Kim Stoeber kstoeber@cox.net


Jane Sinnott - 10:44pm Aug 8, 2008 Irish (#232 of 453)

HI my name is jane sinnott. I have met some sinnotts from wexford but there seems to be a problem with how we are related... My grandfather was Michael george sinnott from wexford.He came to england around 1900 and married an english woman...edith emily lee and had 8 children.. can anyone can shed some light on my heritage?? please contact me at Jane@jwillment2.wanadoo.co.uk. Thankyou


Anne Moore - 06:05pm Aug 9, 2008 Irish (#233 of 453)

I'm searching for the parents of Richard Moore born in Wexford around 1800. He married Ann Barry in Canada in 1820. I would like to find out where in Wexford he was born.


Rainey Edwards - 06:14am Aug 11, 2008 Irish (#234 of 453)

Hi, I'm looking for information on Thomas Kennedy who married Alice Furlong in 1843 in Enniscorthy Wexford. Thomas Kennedy was born in 1817 and Alice Furlong was born in 1822 also in Wexford. If anyone has any information on them I would be greatful. Regards Lorraine New Zealand


mel rossiter - 12:17pm Aug 13, 2008 Irish (#235 of 453)

MEL ROSSITER I am searching for the parents of my g.g.grandfather Patrick Rossiter born 1800 came to Prince Edward Island , Canada around 1825 with his brother John born 1798/97. I believe they left a older brother James 1794 and sister Mary 1796 in Ireland. Parents could be Atoine Rossiter & Mary Wadding but am not sure. Any information would be greatful. Thank You Mel Rossiter Prince Edward Island, Canada


mary mollons - 03:11am Aug 16, 2008 Irish (#236 of 453)

hi all I am trying to get some information on my great grandfather Probably born in Ireland. My grandfather always said he was from wexford ireland If anyone has some informarion on this surname please send to me at mmollons@cogeco.ca charles french or ffrench born about 1857 THANK YOU ALL


Jane Sinnott - 04:54pm Aug 22, 2008 Irish (#237 of 453)

hi.. my name is jane sinnott and my grandfather was michael george sinnott from enniscorthy in wexford. he was born in 1876 and moved to england where he married my gran edith emily lee.. I have been trying to find my family for so long now, thought i had but no joy so if anyone has any info on this matter please contact me jane@jwillment2.wanadoo.co.uk .thankyou so much.


Lori Dean - 11:20pm Aug 29, 2008 Irish (#238 of 453)

I am looking for BEHAN. William Behan b) approx 1792 in Cty Wexford emmigrated to Canada. He married in Newfoundland, Mary SMYTH/SMITH b) approx 1798 Cty Wexford. Please contact loridean39@hotmail.com and include BEHAN in the subject.


Joyce Carter - 03:36am Aug 30, 2008 Irish (#239 of 453)

I am searching for Mary Ann Elms born about 1832 in Wexford, Ireland and who came to Australia I don't know when, bur she married in Sydney 1852 to Edward Smith. My email joyleen@idl.net.au


Roger Christian Lett - 05:29pm Sep 3, 2008 Irish (#240 of 453)

Does anyone have any information on the origins of the surname Lett and the family Lett of Co Wexford ? Is there a book about them? Is there any connection with Latvia ? Please send reply to " rogerlett@hotmail.com"


P J LODGE - 04:12pm Sep 8, 2008 Irish (#241 of 453)


P J LODGE. email pjlodge5@hotmail.com


Eileen Soar - 05:41pm Sep 14, 2008 Irish (#242 of 453)

My GG Granddad was Richard Harris Born Wexford 1811 his first wife was Mary Staford his second wife my GG Grandmother was Bridget Furlong they married in the R C Church Piercestown Wexford,they had 6 children one my GG Grandma Eliza Harris born about 1858 she and her Brother James left for Liverpool in about 1880 she married Martin Connelly in Shaw Oldham in around 1883, they had 4 children one was my grandmother Mary Ann Connelly, Eliza Harris my GG Mother had a Sister Jayne Harris she married Richard or Thomas♦ Boggan they had a farm in Piercestown and had I think 4 maybe more childeren Richard, Thomas , Mary, and Bridget. if anyone has anymore info on the Harris and Boggan families I would love to here from you. Eileen Soar nee McConville.


Arlene Baer - 03:42am Sep 26, 2008 Irish (#243 of 453)

John Dolan b about 1828 married to Mary Gahegan( Goehegan; Goggan)b 1828, mother Ellen Gahegan( Goehegan; Goggen) b 1800 Ireland. Families were said to come from Wexford, Waterford, and Dublin. Emigrated to New York, America about 1830-1845.


jean todd - 01:40pm Oct 1, 2008 Irish (#244 of 453)

Wallace/Paul I'm trying to trace my dad's background. He was John Wallace born 5.8.1903, had 1 sister Nellie (spinster); 1 brother George lived/died in the Dublin area. My dad was a tailor by trade, enlisted in the Irish Army (think on 27.10.1924)stationed in Collins barracks Dublin and then transferred to the Irish Navy stationed in Haulbowline. He lived/died in Cobh Co. Cork


ginette dala - 02:19pm Oct 6, 2008 Irish (#245 of 453)

Hello, does anybody know how to find a relative born in enniscorthy workhouse to a member of staff. It was around 1908. Thanks very much...


Gordon Anderson - 10:17pm Oct 6, 2008 Irish (#246 of 453)

My Great Great Grandmother, Mary Fitzpatrick was born in Wexford in 1840.She had a sister Margaret, and they came to England later. I am anxious to trace any information about the family in Wexford.


G collison - 05:31pm Oct 14, 2008 Irish (#247 of 453)


Hi I am trying to trace my Irish roots on my mothers side. Her parents were Laurence Kavanagh (brn c1894) and Bridget Kavanagh (nee Oakes)(brn c1894).

Any help would be much appricated Thanks G collison


William McGrann - 09:38pm Oct 18, 2008 Irish (#248 of 453)

Hi, Could a native of Wexford town shed any light on "The Fythe", possibly an area of old Wexford town, near to 'Kevin Barry' Street. What was it and where did the name 'Fythe' originate? Very grateful for any help, billmcgn@yahoo.co.uk


richard ferguson moore - 01:54am Oct 22, 2008 Irish (#249 of 453)

Hi I am Richard Moore; Iam trying to locate any Fergusons that might live or have lived in Wexford county. Don't have a parish or township.

My grandfarther was James Ferguson and he married Anna Cahill. AS far as i know they both came from Wexford to the U.S. on or about 1893.


Charlene Fisher - 08:28pm Oct 25, 2008 Irish (#250 of 453)

Looking for Nicholas McGrath/Magrath b abt 1821 and his wife Margaret Finn who were born and married in Wexford and had children Thomas b 1848 and William b 1852. They came to Massachusetts between 1852 and 1865. Any help on birth dates and places and parents of Nicholas and Margaret and their marriage date and place would be appreciated.


imelda aspinall - 03:48pm Oct 28, 2008 Irish (#251 of 453)

Hello I am trying to find the details of my grandmothers parents, particularly the wife. My great grandmother came form Wexford, my grandmother used to talk about Enniscorthy, Carlo, Ferns etc.

I don't know the gt grand mothers maiden name, but she married a Thomas Roberts from Conway in 1890 onwards, first child born 1893, in North wales. I found 2 only entries of marriages between Thomas Roberts and a Catherine in England and wales but neither were the correct ones. so I wonder if they were married in ireland.

My grand mother used to visit a family of cousins of her mothers in Ferns, the names were Dick and Maureen, had 4 children, three called Richard, Catherine and Eithne, They had a farm. the sirname maybe Dolan or Nolan My grandmothers name was Catherine (kitty) Roberts, latterly Parry. she had 2 duaghters Delia and Sheila. I'm Delias daughter.

Any ideas for a local newspaper to put an ad in.

Imelda Aspinall


Matthew Hayes - 04:31pm Nov 9, 2008 Irish (#252 of 453)

Jim Allen there are lots of Clooneys in Curracloe co Wexford


heather ward - 04:30pm Nov 20, 2008 Irish (#253 of 453)

I am trying to trace the Emmerson family which moved to Wexford town probably in the early years of 20th century from Queenstown. George Emmerson was born in Cobh,had been a sailor & after an accident moved to be postmaster at the Post Office on Anne St. I think there might have been Emmerson relatives in the county.His wife, Mary, was a Noonan by birth.


emelda mulhern - 05:22pm Nov 24, 2008 Irish (#254 of 453)

am looking for information on the white family my mother was margaret mary born 1916


Claire Martin - 11:25pm Nov 30, 2008 Irish (#255 of 453)

I am seeking information on my Great Great Grandmother, Mary Skean - born 1832 County Clare. Her Parents were Mary Simcox and John Skean, I don't have any other information on her parents.

Mary Skean emigrated to Australia on board the "Agincourt" which departed Southhampton November 1853. She was 21 years old at the time. Mary Skean married a John Casey in 1854 in Australia. John Casey was born in 1824 in Tipperary, Ireland.


adele helen - 02:46pm Dec 2, 2008 Irish (#256 of 453)

Hi can anybody help me?

I am looking for any information on the following people....

Ellen furlong married late 1800's to a William sunderland-Co wexford-I believe somewhere in Ferns- Enniscorthy (Believed to be agricultral farmers?)

Michael Burke married late 1800's to an Ann Leary or O'Leary also somewhere in Ferns Enniscorthy-Co Wexford(Believed to be agricultral farmers?)

Patrick Joesph Burke married to Margaret Mary Sunderland 1920's somewhere in Ferns-Enniscorthy- Co wexford

Any info on any of the above or if you think you may have a family link,etc then please contact me at: adelehodgkiss@googlemail.com

Many thanks Adele


Karen Cambridge - 02:51am Dec 24, 2008 Irish (#257 of 453)

I have traced my ancestry as far as Dennis Kelly and Joana Cousins, parents of John born 1837 and James Kelly born 1831 as found in Co. Wexford/ Fern Diocese baptism records. James married Mary Laffin. I would be interested in finding out if anyone has further information they would like to share. Thank you. Karen Cambridge roncambridge@hotmail.com


RobertBLeech - 11:55pm Dec 29, 2008 Irish (#258 of 453)

Leech or Leitch, Prior to 1794- Conty Wexford, Ireland. In paticular, a Rev. Leitch, who was piked and killed during the irish rebellion of 1798 @ wexford.

Many records were destroyed during the great fires. Any information will be helpful. Also, brother to Rev. Leitch


gina o reilly - 08:56pm Jan 1, 2009 Irish (#259 of 453)



Eileen Soar - 12:14am Jan 5, 2009 Irish (#260 of 453)

Eileen Soar My GG Granddad Richard Harris was born in Wexford 1811 my GG Grandmother was Bridget Furlong they married in the RC Church Peircetown Wexford,if anyone has a family connection with these names I would love to here from you. my email is eileensoar@hotmail.co.uk


william duffin - 12:40pm Jan 9, 2009 Irish (#261 of 453)

james whitty - my grandfather james whitty served in the 12th hussars in the boer war and later worked in the irish post office in the campile area i think, my grandmother was his second wife would like to find out more info or his burial place billyduffin@hotmail.com


Susan Mcphee - 06:00pm Jan 12, 2009 Irish (#262 of 453)

I am looking for information on Anthony Dempsey born abt 1785 in Wexford. He married Letitia Quinn also from Wexford. They came to Canada and settled in New Brunswick. They had two sons born in Ireland Bernard born abt 1805 and John born abt 1807. Any Info would be helpful


Eileen Soar - 11:06pm Jan 13, 2009 Irish (#263 of 453)

Eileen Soar. My Great Aunt, Surname Harris, Married Thomas Boggan, a farmer in Piercetown Wexford,around 1870's to 1880's give or take a few years. they had a Son Richard, a Daughter Mary, a Son Thomas, and a Daughter Bridget, these are the ones I know of, they may have had more children, her Sister was my G Grandmother Eliza Harris, her Father was Richard Harris, and Mother Bridge Harris nee Furlong. The Thomas that married my aunt I think her name was Jayne Harris.Thomas had a Brother Richard Boggan,who was a Farmer along with his Brother, infact I think it was the Boggan Family farm, in Piercetown, a townland close to Rosslare. If anyone has any info on the Boggan's, Harris's, or Furlong's from Ballyfinogue, where the Harris's lived, and the Piercetown, Boggan families, I would like to here from you. Kind Regards, Eileen Soar.


Coral Smith - 12:33pm Jan 14, 2009 Irish (#264 of 453)

Hi I am trying to trace my Mum-in-law's family. Her grandparents' names were William MONK and Catherine Kehoe.Married around 1910 in Lancashire Liverpool, England. Catherine's family came from Wexford. The family story is sketchy but I think her father's name was Thomas Kehoe. Both her mother and father died when she was about 15 or so, leaving Catherine and her brothers and sisters orphans. The church stepped in and they were separated.The boys were sent to a boys orphanage and the girls were sent to a convent. I believe she had two brothers Jimmy or James, and Johnny who both died relatively young, They both served in WW1, one was killed in action and the other died from war wounds. She had a sister who died in her late teens and another sister who moved to Canada.She was married but also died young.Her husband remarried and had children after her death. I know that this is very vague but I am praying that it will ring bells with someone. Look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to help. Coral


Brian Emerson - 04:25pm Jan 28, 2009 Irish (#265 of 453)

I am searching for information on Stephen Furlong of Wexford County. Born around 1830.He married an Allis (Maiden name unknown) in the mid 1800s. I know the names of four of his sons who emigrated to the USA around 1880, port unknown. They all came together. Their names were:Stephen, William Patrick and Edward. I don't know if it will help but they were Roman Catholic. I am also told that at least one of his sons emigrated to Australia. Any info would be much appreciated. Brian


williamfjohnston - 02:51am Feb 8, 2009 Irish (#266 of 453)

My G-G-Great Grandfather and Mother were born in Wexford (1800 and 1799). Their names were James Flood and Catherine Margaret Connors.

They are both buried in Trevalyan (Leeds Township) Ontario, Canada. Don't know the year he (they?) left Wexford but would be interested in getting in contact with any Floods or Connors who might be related. Thanks!

Bill Johnston - Tacoma, Washington USA


A h - 01:12pm Feb 17, 2009 Irish (#267 of 453)

Hello can anybody help me....... Trying to trace living relatives or info on the following ...

Jack & Kate Burke of Ballyhaddock-Ferns -Co. Wexford They lived there in 1940's

Anybody who has some connection or info then please email me at adelehodgkiss@googlemail.com


liz tonkin - 02:52pm Feb 18, 2009 Irish (#268 of 453)

I am looking for the Timmons Family. Martin Timmons was married to Catherine Murphy, they had three sons Martin 1865, Charles Francis born 1872 and John. The boys birth was registered in New Ross. I think Catherine must have died as I cannot find any details about her. Can anyone help? Liz


Julie Hinton - 05:49pm Feb 21, 2009 Irish (#269 of 453)

Looking for info on John Hinton and Mary (Hare) Hinton who left Wexford, Ireland in 1830. Their son Richard was born in Ireland in 1830. They settled in the Leeds & Grenville district. (Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

contact: juliehinton@gmail.com


John Palmer - 07:03am Feb 22, 2009 Irish (#270 of 453)

I am looking for the descendents of John Hamilton from Wexford He was born on 19th July 1865(Oulart Parish). He was christened on the 30th July 1865 and emigrated to Australia in 1884c.His parents were Holly(Oliver) Hamilton born c1824 and Catherine Murphy born c1825. I am the great grandson of John Hamilton. Regards John Palmer (Broome , Western Australia)


paul fenlon - 11:53am Mar 10, 2009 Irish (#271 of 453)

hi i am trying to trace my great grandfather's roots in ireland i know he came to liverpool 1860 his dob 1843 he married a girl mary conway i then loose track of him he reapears in liverpool 1881 marries a girl margaret corcoran they have four children one being my grandad nicholas fenlon can anyone help please paul fenlon p.fenlon@blueyonder.co.uk


rainey - 03:50am Mar 14, 2009 Irish (#272 of 453)

Hi, I am looking for Alice Furlong who married Thomas Kennedy in Wexford around the 1845 to 1855 they then went over to Ballarat Australia and had 2 children in 1857 and there last move was New Zealand. If anyone has any information on them I will be greatful.


Peter Gordon - 08:13am Mar 17, 2009 Irish (#273 of 453)

I am looking for information on James Kavanagh born about 1810 in Wexford who married Margaret Niblock about 1838. They had two children Helen and Elizabeth and came to Tasmania in 1854. James died in 1873.


Sharane Lowe - 02:02am Mar 19, 2009 Irish (#274 of 453)

I am looking for any information on the "Willis" family of Newtonbarry, Wexford. My great great grand mother was Sarah Willis she was born 1821. Sarah married Miles Howell in Dublin in 1838. They migrated to Australia in 1840. Sarah had sister Jane who married a John Rothwell. I would be grateful if anybody has any information which could help me in my search.

Sharane sjayl@hotmail.com


michael james bennett - 08:09pm Mar 25, 2009 Irish (#275 of 453)

Thousands of young Irish from the Southeast of Ireland and Kerry-Dingle area were hired at the port of Waterford City by British Fishing Ships to engage in the Newfoundland Fishery. This was in the 1700s to early 1800s ,before the famine. Many stayed. I'm searching for the births and family of James and John Bennett who arrived here in Nfld about 1815. They would have been about 17 to 25 years old at the time. all the best michael bennett


mary k cahill - 12:00pm Apr 8, 2009 Irish (#276 of 453)

I Joseoh Long, I am looking for ancestors that emigrated to NY probably in the 1920's. My great grandmothers name was long, she married a Kehoe (she lived in a place called Chapel near Adamstown)and her daughter Kate married Edward Doran (from Askamore, Gorey). The woman I am looking for is probably my grandmothers first cousin so I'm not sure even if Long is the last name. The photos we have were taken of a family of four parents, the woman looking very like my grandmother, her husband and two little boys about three and five in the 1929 in either Queens or Long Island. The photos have a Long Island stamp on them. Please e-mail me at marykatecahill@hotmail.com if you think we are related.


susan cullen - 02:46pm Apr 11, 2009 Irish (#277 of 453)

Hi I'm looking for any information on Gertrude Cogley born 1895 married Walter Ward had a daughter Henrietta ward born 17th Jan 1909 dont know when they moved to Liverpool any information is helpful Thanks if any body can help !


Cate - 06:45am Apr 13, 2009 Irish (#278 of 453)

I am looking for ancestors of the Millers in Wexford. My relation was Joseph Miller born around 1791.


cosgrave Liz - 07:24pm Apr 20, 2009 Irish (#279 of 453)

Hi looking for information on any cosgraves, foxes,somers in Wexford


Catherine Bindels - 12:41am Apr 29, 2009 Irish (#280 of 453)

John Roberts. Can someone help me with more information about my ancestor John Roberts. All I know is he was born in Newton Barry, Wexford around 1780. He married Catherine Tuttil on 03 Oct 1807 at St Mary's Cathedral in Limerick.


Marie Boggan - 04:16pm May 1, 2009 Irish (#281 of 453)



Thomas M Nolan Jr. - 01:26am May 4, 2009 Irish (#282 of 453)

My greatgrandfather was born in Wexford Co in 1845(or 1847) His father's name was Martin Nolan and his mother's maiden name was Ann Tench. They were Roman Catholic. He may have had a number of brothers. Any information that could confirm the township or parish would be greatly appreciated.


ann kilshaw - 08:12pm Jun 4, 2009 Irish (#283 of 453)

I am looking for any information on my gt gt grandparents who were Daniel Ryan and Ellen Edwards, they were married in Liverpool in 1848,on their marriage certificate they are down as being from Wexford Ireland, but unfortunatly not where in Wexford ! Daniel was born 1816-1818 his parents were Michael and Catherine Ryan. Ellens Parents were Luke and Helen Edwards. if anyone has any ideas on finding them pre 1848 Iwould be very grateful. Ann.


Chris Regan - 03:35pm Jun 28, 2009 Irish (#284 of 453)

I have just found out after years of searching that my Great, Great Grandfather was born in Taghmon, Co.Wexford in 1837. His name was William Regan. Does anyone have any information please.


Sean Martin - 08:40pm Jul 6, 2009 Irish (#285 of 453)

I am looking for anything I can find out about any Martin family members that emigrated to Newfoundland in the late 18th or early 19th Century. Thomas Martin of King's Cove, Bonavista Bay, NewFoundland was my Great Grandfather,his son Nicholas Michael Martin 1876-1950, born at King's Cove and my Grandfather married Mary Isabella Croft of Aquaforte, Ferryland, NewFoundland and later in 1913 emigrated to Boston where they settled and had 10 children, one of which was my father Gerald Francis Martin 1915-1985.

I am looking to find out anything I can that connects the Martin's of Wexford with those of King's Cove, as family lore tells it that is where we came from.

Any assistance and or thoughts on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


Ann Boland - 07:13pm Jul 13, 2009 Irish (#286 of 453)

Hello, I am trying to find a lady called Miss Maura/ Mary Drumm who was living in Dulwich London / Surrey in 1947/8. She was Irish, a childrens nurse and would be in her 80's now. I would be so grateful for any info. Thank you. Ann Boland.


christine whitehead - 08:40pm Jul 24, 2009 Irish (#287 of 453)

Hello, My gt.gt.grandparents were joseph sinnott/sennett married julia ann ryan in rathdrum in 1825 thereabouts. they came to england in the 1840s along with 3 of their children. a further 8 children were born in whitwood yorkshire and joseph was a miner at the local colliery. along with joseph from ireland came his two brothers edward and james. I believe that edward later went to america. the parents of the 3 brothers were george and eleanor sinnott. does anyone have any information about any further siblings that may have remained in ireland. any information would greatly be appreciated.

christine whitehead (nee sennett)


michelle kehoe - 07:09pm Jul 27, 2009 Irish (#288 of 453)

hello.hope someone could help. my grandparents came from wexford late 1800s and from there sailed to liverpool. their names were florence and joe kehoe. joe had a brother william who i kow had 2 girls in the 1930s i think? it was a very large family, please could someone help out as iam tryin to find out more on the kehoes and if they were from wexford. thankyou. michelle kehoe


sue alderton - 11:48am Jul 29, 2009 Irish (#289 of 453)

Clonee and Kilcorm Where are they in Wexford? My family, Sinnotts, Cavanaghs, Murphys etc all came from either Kilcorm or Clonee townplaces. I was wondering if anyone would know where I could find records for the baptisms, marriages and deaths of the people in the 2 townplaces during the 1700 and 1800s. Sue


Priscilla Durrell - 01:39pm Aug 10, 2009 Irish (#290 of 453)

I am searching for information on my gggrandparents Patrick Furlong B.abt 1817 in Wexford, Ireland. He married Bridget Doyle. The marriage might have taken place in Canada as both emigrated to canada. Bridget was b. in Wexford as well. Both were Catholic. Thank you for any help you may be able to give!


sonja metcalfe - 04:42pm Aug 15, 2009 Irish (#291 of 453)

we are looking for bolger familyhistory and field family history not much luck so far anything you have would be great sonja metcalfe england


Camilleann Noble - 04:42am Aug 18, 2009 Irish (#292 of 453)

Wilkinson - Cummins - O'Conner - Bolger

My grandfather Ray WIlkinson was son of Nicholas Wilkinson of Wexford, son of Lawrence Wilkinson born in 1810 and Anna O'Conner born 1824, he emigrated but do not know if he sailed before or after he was married. Married Alice Cummins (1851 - 1925 Muskegon Michigan) daughter of Alice Bolger (probably born about 1820 to 1830) and Thomas Cummins. There is trail ends. Wexford seems to be the family seat of Bolgers in 1901 census. Anyone out there know more?


sandra kelly - 10:08pm Aug 23, 2009 Irish (#293 of 453)

looking for family of helen corcoran from wexford gave me up for adoption in 1973 moved and married in uk anyone know anything


Mike Proctor - 08:12pm Sep 5, 2009 Irish (#294 of 453)

The passing of Teddy Kennedy has rekindled my interest in the Murphy clan. If anyone has any connections to the family of Bridget Murphy who married Joseph Patrick Kennedy, I'd love to get in touch with you. Our family lore says that our James Murphy was Bridget's brother. James came to the Chicago area and donated land for the St James of the Sag Catholic Church on the southwest side of the city, near the Sag Canal.


Mike Murphy>Carlin>McCabe Proctor


Julia Canavan Keane - 01:54pm Sep 30, 2009 Irish (#295 of 453)

Hi looking for information regarding my great grandfather James Canavan born 1863 Wexford and married mary canavan lived in Donnybrook, Dublin had four children George(19), James(16), Bridget(16) & Mary(2) (ages at time of 1911 census) Would love to know his journey. Many thanks Julia Canavan Keane.


PETER J LODGE - 09:46am Oct 2, 2009 Irish (#296 of 453)



Eileen Soar - 08:49pm Oct 6, 2009 Irish (#297 of 453)

Mary, SOAR. I am looking for anyone from the Piercestown area WEXFORD, or Ballyfinogh, with the names BOGGAN, or HARRIS, or anyone with ancestors from that area with those names. My Great Grandmother was Eliza HARRIS born Ballyfinogh Wexford about 1848, the Daughter of Richard Harris and Bridget Harris nee Furlong. Richard and Bridget had a son Patrick, and James, and another Daughter Jane Harris who Married Thomas Boggan, the Boggan family had a Farm in Piercestown,Wexford,Jane and Thomas's children were Richard,who was a Postman, Thomas, who worked on the farm with his parents, Mary worked as a housemaid in a Hotel in Rosslare, Bridget, worked on the Farm. there were two more children. but I do not know thier names. Any help would be Appreciated.


Brian Wood - 08:58am Oct 21, 2009 Irish (#298 of 453)

Joseph Kidd was born around 1790 and Joined the Royal Marines in 1806 ,his attestation certicate shows that he was born in Wexford.I am looking for any help in tracing his mum and dad,not sure where to look now


amanda parsons1 - 08:18pm Oct 23, 2009 Irish (#299 of 453)

can anybody help im trying to trace any family members of gettings family father a postman living in the leinster area six children two girls teresa and philomeana and four boys,in and around 1970 if u have any information no matter how small please e mail thank u.


JEAN HICKEY - 02:08pm Oct 25, 2009 Irish (#300 of 453)

I am looking for the Mahoney family or Hickeys or the dolinge familys and the Seagreves family can any one help please



Valerie Beech - 02:28pm Oct 26, 2009 Irish (#301 of 453)

I am looking for my grandmothers family I believe she was from Wexford her name was Bridget Mary Raher.She went to Britain and married Albert CookeWe also think some of her relatives went to america


Magni - 11:15pm Oct 29, 2009 Irish (#302 of 453)

My name is Gabriel Magni, I am from Argentina. My ancestors emigrated from Wexford to Milan, Italy. I need to contact myself with persons of surname Magni or someone who knows on the Irish immigration Italy. From Already thank you very much.

Gabriel Magni Erin go bragh!

My e-mail: gabrielmagni@speedy.com.ar general_magni@hotmail.com


charlotte archer - 11:02pm Nov 10, 2009 Irish (#303 of 453)

looking for a charles leach. worked in red island holida\y camp in skerries co. dublin in the 1950s.


Molly Glasgow - 02:06am Dec 1, 2009 Irish (#304 of 453)

looking for information on the Willoughby families who were farmers late 1700s/1800s, in Ballingarry and Huntington please. These are near Gorey, where the families attended Christ Church Both families were related


teresa grace - 11:27am Dec 22, 2009 Irish (#305 of 453)

looking for family of JAMES GRACE and MARY STRAHAN around 1900's lived in Gorey in 1920's then Arklow. Teresa


Joan Warren - 08:25pm Dec 27, 2009 Irish (#306 of 453)

Hi, looking for information on the WARREN and BARRY families of Wexford, Matthew Warren b1857 married Catherine Barry and emigrated to Manchester UK, their children were Mary, James, and Joseph.


Sarah Shaddock - 01:36am Jan 27, 2010 Irish (#307 of 453)

Hi, looking for information on any family descended from Thomas Webster and wife Hannah Sharp, from Bridgetown, County Wexford, Thomas Webster is my grandfather's grandfather, born in Enniscorthy 1817, and died 1892, Bridgetown.


Catherine Moore - 02:19pm Feb 11, 2010 Irish (#308 of 453)

I am trying to trace my fathers family Moore (Nicholas) He was born in Enniscorthy in 1929, his father also Nicholas was born in Enniscorthy-Bree in 1878, his father married twice not sure of first wifes name but wilkey was mentioned, his second wife was Mary Elizabeth Dillion also from Bree, His Grandfather Laurence was from Enniscorthy and his Grandmother Annie Cullen also from Enniscorthy.


Sally Wynne - 01:32am Feb 13, 2010 Irish (#309 of 453)

Hi, I am trying to trace family from Co. Wexford with the surname Tompkins/Tomkins/Thompkins or variants. From a certificate ihave a Catherine Thompkins (c 1870)who married Thomas Darrell in England in 1887. Her father is shown as Denis Thompkins (with the H crossed out and then reprinted as if in error)his occupation is Furnace Charger with the notation Four R.G. next to it. possibly military reference? Denis was deceased by 1887 Catherine could not read or write and all census and other English records state she was from Wexford, Ireland. I am hitting dead ends with the Irish research. any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Sally.


julie wells - 11:54pm Feb 13, 2010 Irish (#310 of 453)

Hello,I am trying to find any information about my grandmother Margaret O'neill.She was born in dublin,she married Christopher O'neill,they lived in Inchicore Dublin,they had five children,Kathleen,Shaun,Edward,Terasa,Margaret.My granmother commited suicide when her youngest child,my mother was about six months old,this was around about 1936-37.she drowned in one of the canals,thats all we really know about her.After her death my grandfather put my mother and her sister in st vincents de paul convent in inchicore.After her death my granfather moved to England to find work where he settled and lived in tottenham until he died in 1978. any information would be very much appreciated.thankyou,Julie.


Jane Nicholson - 12:58pm Feb 17, 2010 Irish (#311 of 453)

Looking for information on William O'BRYAN born Gorey about 1815. Went to Australia and married Eliza OWENS in 1842. Anything would be appreciated.


janet kinsella - 08:52pm Feb 17, 2010 Irish (#312 of 453)

Looking for information on PATRICK KINSELLA born wexford circa 1880. His parents were Patrick Kinsella and Mary Reville.The next time we have find him is in wales[south glamorgan] in 1927. Cannot find anything about him for the first 47 years of his life. Any information would be vey much appreciated. Thanks


John Harpur - 02:09pm Mar 1, 2010 Irish (#313 of 453)

Hi. Looking for descendants of Francis Harpur, merchant with properties on/near Harpur's Lane and S. Main Street, Wexford town in early to mid-1800's. Also if this Francis Harpur is the same who was mayor of Wexford three times. Thanks.


Karina Kelly - 08:12am Mar 11, 2010 Irish (#314 of 453)

LYONS - Hi, trying to trace family or friends of the Lyon's Family of Bunclody. My Great grandmother was called Catherine Lyons - she married Michael Kelly and she had a brother called Thomas Lyons. All Lyons family are buried in Bunclody, including my grandfather James Kelly.

If anyone knew the family and have any informtaion, please advise.

Thank you - Karina Kelly


Jean Bolger Walsh - 05:47am Mar 13, 2010 Irish (#315 of 453)

I would like to find something about the Bolger family tree. My grandfather was Stephen Bolger, born 1855 in Ireland, possibly Wexford,and who might have come to New York in 1885 on the British Empire ship out of Liverpool England. I would like to find who his parents were in Ireland.


Tommy Weldon - 07:44pm Mar 16, 2010 Irish (#316 of 453)

Trying to find ancestors called Atkins or Atkinson from Wexford who went to America


shanerobmac - 01:23pm Mar 17, 2010 Irish (#317 of 453)

woul like some information on the surname redmond the redmond family lived on main st my mother who has passed away lived there when she was young her name wwas anne marie redmond she has a brother john redmond and 2 sisters elizabeth and may also another brother called seamus any info would be great thank you my email is shanerobmac@hotmail.com


Vincent Watkins - 05:58pm Mar 17, 2010 Irish (#318 of 453)

I am looking for relatives of William Smyth born in 1862 he married Alice Brennan in 1880 Registration Ditrict New Ross. The couple had 11 children my grand mother was Johanna Smyth born in 1886 in Wexford. I would be grateful to anyone who could fill in the gaps about the origins of the Smyth family. Thanks


Jennifer M Hughes - 04:27am Apr 5, 2010 Irish (#319 of 453)

HARPUR and CAHILL of Wexford. For my family history I would much appreciate information / photos of any of the following: Thomas Harpur, Mayor of Wexford 1886 - 1887, his wife Mary Anne Cahill and their children, Anastatia (Mrs Poole), James Harpur, Johanna (wife of Dr Delaney - Bree & Enniscorthy) Margaret (Mrs John Ennis) and Mary Ann (wife of John Lyne - Gas Works Enniscorthy)

Thanks Jennifer


June Martin - 10:12pm Apr 7, 2010 Irish (#320 of 453)

I am looking for information about Robert Jordan and Jane Pyers Newtown Barry Wexford Ireland and the birth of their daughter Eliza Anne Jordan aound 1831.

June Martin Tasmania


carolyn kay - 05:12pm Apr 15, 2010 Irish (#321 of 453)

Im told that my grandmother was Carraher, ANNE , and told from Co. Mayo; married James Carraher, unclear the year. Any help from anywhere ??? contact me @ larggo55@yahoo.com


georgina healy - 11:37pm Apr 18, 2010 Irish (#322 of 453)

hi looking for family around modlin town wexford my father was tom healy who has a bother joe my motherwas may roche (healy ) be greart to hear from any one who has any info kevin healy manchester


Gail Ahearn - 09:02pm Apr 26, 2010 Irish (#323 of 453)

My great grandparents came from Wexford. Can you help me on info? Their names were Whalen and Ahearn. My grandmother was Regina Whalen and Grandfather was James Ahearn. I'm sorry my great grandmother was Johanna Gavin before she married John Ahearn in 1878. They settled in Prince Edward Islands in A town of Tignish when they left Island. Thank you.


Michael Gerard Whitty - 10:09am May 12, 2010 Irish (#324 of 453)

I am looking for any further information on my WHITTY ancestors.

My great-grandfather, James Whitty (c.1843-1909) married Bridget Power (c.1847-1920). They were both born in Waterford and I believe they lived in Kilmacow before they emigrated to Liverpool in 1870 or 1871.

I think that the father of James was called Martin Whitty, but I have no details of his date of birth or where he lived. I don't know whether he came from Waterford or County Wexford.

I'd be grateful for any insights!

My email is: michael.whitty@virgin.net


Michael Whitty


barbara gagnon - 10:50pm May 12, 2010 Irish (#325 of 453)

looking for any information on catherine fitzgerald born around 1815 in wexford.any living relatives around let us know.


Martin S. Prendergast - 07:14am May 30, 2010 Irish (#326 of 453)

I am seeking information about my father's family. He was Patrick Prendergast, born 1898 in Slade, The Hook, Wexford. His father's name was Thomas and his mother's name Catherine (nee Cullen). His siblings were Nicholas, Statia, John, Thomas, (all older) Mary and Bridie, The family name was sometimes listed as Pender and Pendergast Anyone out there?


ldmfoley - 01:12am May 31, 2010 Irish (#327 of 453)

I am looking for a marriage certificate for Edward Foley married to Catherine O'Brien or Brien. They am not sure if they settled in Canada or died in Wexford Ireland. They had a son James and probably others who married a Julia Kearney. I believe we would be looking around the early 1800's. Any help would be appreciated.


Patricia Edmonds - 12:28am Jun 1, 2010 Irish (#328 of 453)

Edmonds--- I am looking for information on my family from Wexford. William Edmonds or Edmunds was born around 1821 and married a Sarah Gray born around 1826. No official documents but family records indicate they were married in Wexford in 1844. I believe that they sailed from England to Canada around 1855. The next time I can find them is in Quebec in 1856. They had a daughter Alice in 1849 (not sure where she was born). If you can help please contact me patco2001@hotmail.com.


Monica123 - 07:40pm Jun 1, 2010 Irish (#329 of 453)

Looking for any information on the Jackman family from Gorey. Particularly Nicholas Jackman who was a boot maker. Please e-mail swordofgideon@talktalk.net

Monica Jones nee Jackman


Debra Brazil - 12:04am Jun 6, 2010 Irish (#330 of 453)

Hi! I am looking for anyone who might be connected to my G. Grandmother Margaret Britt or Brett. Her parents were William B. Britt and Margaret Kavanaugh. She emigrated to the U.S. sometime after 1880, and married Thomas Doyle of Dublin, in 1887. She died in 1938. I know that there were family members still in Ireland, possibly the Eniscorthy area around the turn of the century. She had 3 children, John Matthew (my grandfather), Margaret (Sr. Mary Modwena) and Mary Ellen. Sr. Modwena visited relatives sometime after 1920. Thanks for your help. Debbie


TRACY DODD - 07:28pm Jun 6, 2010 Irish (#331 of 453)



Annmarie Long - 04:00pm Jul 4, 2010 Irish (#332 of 453)

Hi im looking for any information on my fathers family who live/lived in new ross.hes name was joseph bramley.hes mothers name was polly.he was an only child.he died in 1997.thats all i know.if anyone can help out id be very grateful:) annmrayl@yahoo.ie


Sheila Broocke - 05:45pm Jul 7, 2010 Irish (#333 of 453)

Looking for any info on John French Born 1778 in Wexford County.Immigrated in 1816 to Prince Edward Island Canada.Married to Margaret Murphy.Died in 1863 on P.E.Island Canada.Any info would be greatly appreciated. sheilsbroocke@hotmail.com


Nick Murphy - 10:33pm Jul 18, 2010 Irish (#334 of 453)

My name is Nick Murphy. I am researching my mothers family history. Her name was Elizabeth Brambley. She had two sisters that we know of named Margaret and Polly, and one brother named Tom. She was born in 1924. She married Hugh Murphy, and had 4 sons. Myself, Billy, Packie and Pat. She lived in the Maudlins area of New Ross and for a while worked in Macmurrough. If anyone has any information please email me at brambley.murphy@gmail.com


Collin D'Arcy - 08:59pm Jul 22, 2010 Irish (#335 of 453)

Hi my name is Collin D'Arcy. I am researching my Grandfathers family/history in Gorey, Wexford. He was Joseph Micheal D'Arcy 1870 - 1949. His father was James D'Arcy and his mother was Winifred D'Arcy. Please email me at xpressyo@ hotmail.com Thanks in advance.


Dianna Gray - 08:11pm Jul 23, 2010 Irish (#336 of 453)

I am looking for information on the children born to Maryanne Hollingsworth and George Ormsby. She was a daughter of Samuel Hollingsworth and Anne Smith of Ballycanew, Wexford, Ireland. Maryanne was b. 17 Nov. 1816 at Ballycanew, she married George Ormsby on 7 Jan. 1841 at Ballycanew. Maryanne died. 24 Dec. 1845. George and Maranne had some children, I have no info on them. George next married Elizabeth Bolton on 5 Mar. 1849. George and Elizabeth had at least 4 children, one of which is my GGrandfather, George William Ormsby. He ended up in the US. I have alot of info on the US family, I would appreciate any info on Maryanne Hollingsworth and George Ormsby's children. I found online that there were children as they inherited Maryanne's portion of her fathers property. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dianna Gray


Rita John son - 08:26pm Jul 24, 2010 Irish (#337 of 453)

Hi I am trying to do some reseach concerning my GtGtGrandmother her name was Eliza Morris born 1836 in Wexford Ireland can anybody help Regards Rita


Shirley Drinkwater - 02:34pm Jul 27, 2010 Irish (#338 of 453)

Looking for information on Mary Cusack born 1852 from Tethered Wexford Ireland any information would be helpful. thanks


david evans - 08:42pm Aug 2, 2010 Irish (#339 of 453)

my nan was born in wexford 02/04/1909 her name was elizabeth murphy she was born in wexford itself and married a daniel evans in epsom surrey uk can you help me find some of her family


D'Arcy - 01:42pm Aug 6, 2010 Irish (#340 of 453)

Hello, I am looking for the marriage of of Matthew Darcy (from Tipperary) to Catherine Pender (from Wexford)circa 1872 Wexford


john foran - 01:19am Aug 7, 2010 Irish (#341 of 453)

John Patrick James Foran I am trying to trace my Fathers side of the family,his name was Kevin Foran DOB 19th October 1916 in Rosetown.He was from a large family His parents..my Grandparents were James Foran and Elizabeth Foran maiden name Doherty both from the Rosetown, Arthurstown area of wexford. If anyone can help or you are related i would dearly love to hear from you. Please E.Mail me at j.foran50@googlemail .com


maurean - 11:36am Aug 8, 2010 Irish (#342 of 453)

JOHANNAH REDMOND came to Australia 1850 and married John Downs and Benjamin Taylor


Liz Taft-Thompson - 07:14pm Aug 10, 2010 Irish (#343 of 453)

MAXWELL/FILAN Looking for information about the families of Peter Maxwell,born around 1838 in Wexford Co.IRE and Elizabeth Filan, birth date around the same time. They each emigrated to the USA and settled in NE Pennsylvania, where they married and had several children. They are my great grandparents and the extent of my knowledge of the families. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Liz


Mary Hardiman - 06:58pm Aug 11, 2010 Irish (#344 of 453)

MUPRHY/SUNDERLAND I am looking for information about James Murphy who married Mary Sunderland circa 1868. They moved to Wicklow (Fassaroe) and then Dublin. Mary was protestant but converted to catholicism before marrying James. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Mary


Pat Bolger - 09:10am Aug 21, 2010 Irish (#345 of 453)

Pat Bolger.Ferns Co Wexford.Looking for any information on Bolger and Kenny Families Bolacaheer (Bolachoir) Ferns Co Wexford


meaghan kehoe - 11:46pm Aug 22, 2010 Irish (#346 of 453)

I am looking for frank/frankie kehoe,son of brian and ann kehoe of camolin co. wexford any information of any kind wud be of great help send e-mail to meaghan1973@hotmail.com


Maureen Hughes8 - 09:40pm Aug 24, 2010 Irish (#347 of 453)

Maureen Hughes Hello I am trying to find information regarding my greatgrand parents. My grandfather was Thomas Carty who was married to Ellen Furlong and lived in Harristown in 1907. My father Martin was born in 1907 and he had a sister Mary born in 1910

Does anyone have any information that can help me

Regards Maureen


Kathleen - 09:37pm Sep 1, 2010 Irish (#348 of 453)

Research hit brick wall carn't find Power family City of Wexford. Located Charles Power born 1908, married 1931, only have Stephen Power a Wireworker father of Charles living Thomas Street with wife Kate. Anybody got and ideas how I can move on with this search.


Ann M. McGrath - 06:11pm Sep 15, 2010 Irish (#349 of 453)

McGrath I cannot find any informtion on my GGgrandfather, David McGrath. We think he was born in 1801 or 1802 in Sutton Parish, Wexford, Ireland. His father, we think, is Lawrence McGrath. There is no Lawrence McGrath in the Sutton Parish cemetery. David immigrated to Douglastown, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada. We do not know the date but know he married Catherine Flynn in October 1829. They had 16 living children.


Ed Masterson - 09:00pm Sep 15, 2010 Irish (#350 of 453)

Top of the day to you. I'm digging for Masterson Family Roots form Patrick Masterson, reportedly born 1750 in County Wexford. Emigrated to USA, married Sara Jane Cunningham in South Carolina USA. Patrick reportedlyl died in Tennessee,USA and Sara Jane died in Alabama,USA. If you can help the dig, I would be much grateful.


Ian Booth - 09:55pm Sep 26, 2010 Irish (#351 of 453)

I am seeking more information on a Matthew Sharpe b. 1825 son of Charles and Sarah (nee wheelock) b.1801 who lived in the Killinick - Ballyrane area of Co. Wexford.


Ian. ianpbooth@eircom.net


John James McGrath - 11:11pm Sep 28, 2010 Irish (#352 of 453)

I'm looking for any info on McGrath & Swaine who are my great grandparents from Bunclody, Wexford.

My Grandad was James McGrath who moved to Bristol in the late 1940s he married Mary Ellen (Nellie) Swaine. They lived in St Mary's Villas Bunclody.

I have no earlier info and would be interested in any info that may help.



John James McGrath - 08:23pm Sep 29, 2010 Irish (#353 of 453)

James McGrath and Mary Ellen(Nellie)McGrath nee Swaine had three children John (born 1935), Maura & Eileen. I also understand they may have also had another son who only lived about 6 months (born around 1929)- Bunclody or Newtownbarry - Enniscorthy Wexford and St Mary's Villas are the only places I know of that may help in tracing history of the McGrath or Swaine families. I'd be interested in any further info re the McGrath / Swaine family from Bunclody.



John noctor - 08:26pm Sep 29, 2010 Irish (#354 of 453)

Any information on patrick turner bolachoir tombrack co wexford who married annastasia nolan of bolachoir 23 of july 1887


Kathleen Mahon - 10:38am Oct 8, 2010 Irish (#355 of 453)

Lookin for information on Mary Josephine Brown born Gorey around 1840 (maybe Cranford Gorey) Emigrated to New York with her sisters from Cork ,worked as milliners and seamstresses She Married William Watson in Washington DC in 1869.Any information on this lady would be appreciated


P. Wood - 09:19pm Oct 27, 2010 Irish (#356 of 453)

I am looking for information regarding the marriage of William Smith,Knockmarshal,Co.Wexford. I believe he married around 1844 but cannot find the record.


Susannah Fifield - 10:18am Nov 1, 2010 Irish (#357 of 453)

I would be sooo grateful for any information on the Leech/Leach family from Wexford - James b 1848/49 and Mary b 1852 Leech/Leach sailed from there to Liverpool between 1874 to 1877 with their first child Mary b 1874. They also sailed with someone who appears to be James brother, called Thomas b 1863 in Wexford.

Their daughter my Grandmother, Margaret Ann Leech/Leach (married William Fifield from Newfoundland in London, England in 1899) was born in Liverpool in 1879, but visited her family in Ireland sometime during the 1970s or 80s.


Glenys Ryall - 06:56am Nov 16, 2010 Irish (#358 of 453)

I am seeking information on Benjamin Radwell who married Patience Merryman. They had a son Thomas Rothwell (b1818) who married Eleanor (Ellen) Ball (b1828) in Dublin in 1857. These were my great grandparents who emigrated to New Zealand in 1864 with their five children - Isabella Patience, Benjamin Francis, William Andrew Ball, Eleanor Mary and Elizabeth Margaret. Eleanor and Elizabeth were twins. Any information would be appreciated.


Heather Smith - 09:31pm Nov 28, 2010 Irish (#359 of 453)

Looking for a William Henesey (various spellings) born June 14, 1815 somewhere in Ireland, who married a Mary Neil, born June 24 1817, in Wexford, Ireland. I have no idea who either of their parents are.

William and Mary had a son, Thomas, who accroding to his obituary, was born September 25, 1844 in Wexford, Ireland. The family migrated to the Ontario, Canada area somewhere between 1849 and 1850. William and Mary had two more sons in Canada, Edward, born January 7, 1851, and William, born July 6 1852.

If anyone has any information on this family, I would love to hear from you.


Tommy Royce - 03:23am Nov 29, 2010 Irish (#360 of 453)

Searching for Dorothea (Dora) Adelaide Harvey. She was most likely born in Kyle, Kilpatrick. She married Edward Hoskins Fitzgibbon Royse. Her father was James William Harvey. Thank you!


Cate - 08:35am Nov 29, 2010 Irish (#361 of 453)

MILLER James and Joseph - Wexford Ireland I know Joseph was born in Wexford around 1791 and joined the navy. His father was James Miller and I don't have his father's name. I am looking for anything on Millers from this area, as I have nothing. Thank you


Brian Kenny - 01:46am Dec 21, 2010 Irish (#362 of 453)

Michael Kenny married Anne Hughes

I am trying to find the parents of Michael

Michael Kenny My 3rd great grandfather Birth 1811 in Wexford county, Ireland Death 28 SEP 1889 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

Margaret Ann Hughes My 3rd great grandmother Birth 1801 in Wexford, Ireland Death 13 NOV 1892 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

They had a son John Kenny born 1843 in Ireland and immigrated to Canada in 1845 +/-


Bernadette Dawkins - 12:55am Dec 31, 2010 Irish (#363 of 453)

Mary Catherine Keating was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford around 1833. She came to Australia as an orphan on the"Eliza Caroline" in 1849.I would appreciate any information about her family in Ireland.


Padge Quirke - 07:59pm Jan 14, 2011 Irish (#364 of 453)

Looking for decendents of Kinsella who went to America in 1845 or 1846. Eugene Kinsella his wife Mary nee Kavanagh and 4 children Charles,DOB 09/03/1839, James DOB 26/02/1841, John DOB 07/07/1843, Margaret DOB 09/03/1845,Margarets twin Patrick was left with his GranMother in Oylegate, County Wexford, Ireland and the Kinsella familly were from Blackwater, County Wexford. Any one with any information could you please email me padgequirke@gmail.com Thank you, Padge Quirke. J


JUNE DUNPHY - 01:41pm Jan 16, 2011 Irish (#365 of 453)

My great grandfather was Patrick Dunphy who came from Wexford but moved to Dublin and married Martha Barrett, He worked in Guinness and had four surviving sons - Patrick, John, Edward and my grandfather Thomas.I am lookng for any info on where he came from in Wexford and any Dunphy relatives. June Dunphy juneyd_juned@yahoo.co.uk


Christine Sherratt - 05:22pm Jan 25, 2011 Irish (#366 of 453)

Father Michael Murphy of the 1798 Rebellion, I am looking for any information on him.


Myles Murphy, Bishop of Ferns his nephew

Myles Murphy also President of St. Peters College

please email direct at


Thank in advance, Christine Sherratt


Terri Bryan - 11:11am Feb 6, 2011 Irish (#367 of 453)

I'm seeking further information on my ancestors James BRYAN and his wife Maria McDOWELL from Co. Wicklow. James BRYAN was born circa 1822 and Maria circa 1824. AS far as I know they married in Wicklow but I don't have any further information. Their first child Alfred William BRYAN was born in Wicklow in circa 1842. Their next recorded child George Valentine BRYAN was born in Birkenhead Co. Cheshire England in 1850, so it seems that James and Maria BRYAN made their home in Birkenhead sometime after 1842. I would love to hear from any other BRYAN family members who can shed more light on my family back in time.


Terri Bryan.


miranda badger - 02:43am Feb 9, 2011 Irish (#368 of 453)

Hi I was adopted but my mother was Lilly Roice who moved to England with her husband - I will be 43 this year and would just like to have some sort of family history I was born 7th march 1968 in Hounslow and named Mary Margret Roice by my mother who then gave me up for adoption If you have any info or anything I would love to hear from you


Phil O'Grady - 12:55am Feb 25, 2011 Irish (#369 of 453)

Hi Folks I am looking for any assistance & information about my Grt Grandfather Richard Grady who lived in Mayglass,Cty Wexford. It would appear He had 2 brothers named John & Thomas & a sister named Maria. Their Parents were Thomas Grady & Catherine Staunton,from Ballycapogue,where Maria was said to have been born. Anyone know how long Maria Grady actually lived for or even where she lived,did she marry & have a Family? Any info regarding Thomas Grady & Catherine Staunton. I also believe there are O'Gradys living in Killinick & Kilmore,if anybody knows of these people can you kindly let me know. Many Thanks Phil O'Grady


Mc donald Jack - 09:08pm Mar 1, 2011 Irish (#370 of 453)

Grace Elizabeth Mary Leech; b. 1881 Enniscorthy Parents; Frederick Leech-Lily Wolsely --------------- Murial Leech; 1883 Enniscorthy Parents; as above. ------------ Richard Leech wife; Babara Webster ---------------- Jack


Mc donald Jack - 09:14pm Mar 1, 2011 Irish (#371 of 453)

Some Mastersons of Wexford can be found here;




David Merren - 02:18am Mar 6, 2011 Irish (#372 of 453)

I am looking for any infomation about a Patrick Merren who was born in Wexfored county Ireland on March 8, 1809. He married Nelle Fitzcharris and left for Canada in 1851.

Ay information would be appreciated, dmmerren@gmail.com


Nutter - 10:27pm Mar 12, 2011 Irish (#373 of 453)

My ancestor John Nutter was born abt. 1770. He signed up to emigrate from Wexford in 1817 and in 1818 he emigrated to New Brunswick Canada. He came with his wife Jane and 7 children, William, Christopher, John, Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas, Robert. They would have attended the Church of Ireland. Any help would be appreciated nutternc@hotmail.com


Lauraine Martin - 10:55pm Mar 13, 2011 Irish (#374 of 453)

hi i am looking for my ancestors who originated from wexford back in 1868 approx, My great great grandmother was margaret Crowe married to Michael Crowe, they moved to Dublin just before 1897 and stayed here. any information would be great! Lorraine.


sue alderton - 12:16pm Mar 19, 2011 Irish (#375 of 453)

DORAN SINNOTT CONNECTION SCARAWALSH. My gggreat grandfather George Sinnott married Bridget Doran about 1800 in Scarawalsh and lived at Lower Clonee Kilcomb Scarawalsh my ggreat grand father John Sinnott married Catherine Mary Doran about 1830 and lived in the same townplace. I was wondering if anyone knows where these Dorans or Sinnotts came from because the Sinnotts were not in Scarawalsh as per the 1659 Census. Any help or information would be appreciated.


misha Jacobs - 10:42pm Mar 23, 2011 Irish (#376 of 453)

hore please help org_insite@yahoo.com


marypeverall66 - 08:19pm Mar 24, 2011 Irish (#377 of 453)

Looking for relatives of my Great Grandmother Barbara Doran born New Ross in 1886. Married John Berry, lived in Wexford Town and had 4 children. One of them was Andrew Berry who was my grandad. Barbara died in 1916 aged 30. I think she had a sister Johanna but dont know if there were any more siblings. Any info would be appreciated.


Jerry Foley - 06:45pm Apr 14, 2011 Irish (#378 of 453)

Looking for information on Foley Family emigrated to Chicago.


Benny Smith - 10:05pm May 5, 2011 Irish (#379 of 453)

William & Alice Smyth (Later Smith 1911) lived in Bryanstown, Clongeen Co. Wexford and can be found in 1901 (Smyth) and 1911 (Smith) Census. They with some of their 11 children are buried in Ballycullane old cemetery Co. Wex. J.S. G/G/Son.


Anne Davis - 06:15pm May 18, 2011 Irish (#380 of 453)

Mary Fortune 7.15pm May 18th 2011

Can anyone help me with the whereabouts of Mary Fortune, born in Olygate on 28.11.1939. Or any information on the Fortune family at that time or now. Many thanks. Please contact me at anneatdesres@aol.com


Theresa Held - 03:12pm Jun 1, 2011 Irish (#381 of 453)

My grgrandfather came to the U.S. in 1848 William Kehoe b. abt 1814-went to Grafton WI and in 1855 went to Eaton, WI with 2 other families--Kearney and Burns By 1850, he is m.to Elizabeth Grady b. abt 1810 They had 3 children 1 Margaret-2 James 3 Mary Ann.They were 1st cousins to another James Kehoe who settled in Glenmore, WI Apparently William Kehoe is a brother to the Glenmore James' father.


katy ryan - 03:34pm Jun 12, 2011 Irish (#382 of 453)

Rosemary Tearle am just reading a book called God Squad written by Paddy Doyle it mentions a farmer in wexford with the name furlong,sad story but may have some relevance in your search, good luck.


maggie harding - 09:25am Jun 18, 2011 Irish (#383 of 453)

I am looking for information on John Harding, who according to the 1901 census was born in Wexford.

He lived in Glencullen, Co Dublin, and married Anne Hanlon, Ticknock, Co Dublin.

John was Church of Ireland, but Anne was catholic (at least the Hanlons were).

Im trying to find out if John had brothers and sisters, as there is an Elizabeth Harding buried in the Churchyard in Kilgobbin, who died in 1918 aged 54, and was from Wexford. Id like to trace Johns parents, if I could.

John was born (supposedly) in 1841, but Ive discovered that the ages in the 1901 census are not always accurate.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful. I live in Ireland, so hoping someone will see this and contact me.


Richard Williams - 06:25am Jun 29, 2011 Irish (#384 of 453)

I am looking for information on Mary Anne SLY born FERNS,Wexford about 1837. Father BENJAMIN, mother CATHERINE DONOGHUE.


Theresa Held - 07:22pm Jul 21, 2011 Irish (#385 of 453)

Looking for the city William Kehoe b. abt 1814 came from in Ireland-came to US in 1848--Denis kehoe b. 1833? 1842? father was John and mother was Bridget-came to the US abt 1861 and I think he brought his grandmother, Anastasia b. 1789 in Ireland


Mike - 02:44pm Jul 22, 2011 Irish (#386 of 453)

I am looking for the parents Of Robert Finbar Ring 1908 c Wexford


Sandra Hutton - 09:47pm Jul 31, 2011 Irish (#387 of 453)

I am looking for the history of my grandfather Charlie Willoughby a builder from Gorey Co. Wexford. I think was b.1912 in Gorey Co Wexford and his father was William (Bill) b.1863approx.He may have been married to Anne(?Doyle). I believe William's occupation was a stone mason. William's father may have been John Willoughby married to Dorothea? I think that William may have had atleast 2 brothers George and John who both lived in the gorey area.I would be grateful if anyone has any further information regarding this Willoughby family from Co.Wexford. Sandra Hutton (nee Gethings)


joe moore - 01:31pm Aug 14, 2011 Irish (#388 of 453)

I am a Gorey man from County Wexford and would like to know where my uncle Jack Moore settled after they travelled to Canada after the war in 1945. My uncle Jack was married to a lady from Manchester and had two children at that time Betty and Sydney is there names. Contact has been lost since that time and I would be very grateful to know where these relations are now. Regards Joe Moore


Jennifer Hughes - 12:39am Aug 22, 2011 Irish (#389 of 453)


I am interested in the above surnames as they relate to 2 of my great aunts who grew up in the Enniscorthy and Wexford areas. The first, Agnes Pettigrew born 1883 in Enniscorthy (daughter of Alexander & Jessie) I believe Agnes married a Heldren.

The second Anastatia Harpur born 1870 (daughter of Thomas Harpur, Mayor of Wexford 1886-87, and Mary Anne Cahill) I believe Anastatia married a man by the name of Hartley Poole.

If anyone has information on the above or indeed my great grandmother Mary Anne CAHILL's family I would love to hear. Mary Anne Cahill's parents were Martin Cahill and Mary Murphy. I do know from MaryAnne's obituary in 1887, that she had a brother Rev T Cahill, who was then PP of Ballymore.


Jennifer Hughes (nee Harpur)


Claire Hammer - 01:12am Sep 3, 2011 Irish (#390 of 453)

I am looking for Murthas Whelan from Wexford, born April 1837 or 1840. He married Catherine Doyle from Co. Wicklow. They settled in Virginia, USA (after New York I believe) and are buried in Falls Church, VA. They had 12 children. The youngest Annie Whelan was my grandmother. I would like to know what parishes Murthas and Catherine were from in Ireland.


Mary Rossi - 01:45pm Sep 12, 2011 Irish (#391 of 453)

Kinsella, Michael. My grandfather had 9 brothers and 1 sister. Two of the brothers were named Edward and James. James built houses and the railway station steps in Belfast. They lived in Belfast and Berkinhead on Tyne. My father John James Kinsella was born there in 1900. The family owned a pub in Barrow in Furness. Michael had a ferry service across the Mersey River. He married Mary Bradley of the Market in Belfast. She lived on Lowry St., in Belfast after Michael died. Please contat me at rirossi@suffolk.lib.ny.us. Thanks!


Steph Olsen - 04:47pm Sep 23, 2011 Irish (#392 of 453)

I am having difficulties searching for my great-grandfather's parents. His name is James Patrick Whitty. I have a birth certificate that says he was born in 1869 in Kyle, Ireland to the parents of Thomas and Margaret (Kieffe) Whitty. But his death certificate says his parents are Patrick and Bridget (Kehoe) Whitty and that he was born in 1876. His immigration papers show that he came to New York, USA in 1898 at the age of 20 with his brother, perhaps half-brother Thomas Whitty. Thank you.


Joy Hickey - 07:29am Oct 15, 2011 Irish (#393 of 453)

Looking for any information regarding Mary Edwards, 23 and Ellen Edwards, 18, both dairymaids who emigrated to New Zealand in 1875. They are shown as being from Wexford.


Gearard - 06:04pm Oct 17, 2011 Irish (#394 of 453)

Hi All. I've got a week off from work and was hoping to get a bit of family tree work done. So can any one pls help me with this. Info I have goes back from my mother Mary Kavanagh (1928 - 2003) her dad Laurence (1894 - 1979) to grandad Edward (1856-) possible ggrandad John (c1830 -). Family still live in Our Lady's Island Co Wexford but don't seem to know much more. Help pls. Many Thanks Gerry


Phil O'Grady - 09:29pm Oct 22, 2011 Irish (#395 of 453)

Hi Folks,I am trying to find out anything at all about my Grt Grandfather. James Hughes,born I am told around 1858 in Kilmore.My Grandmother(his Daughter) was Margaret Hughes who was I think born in Liverpool,she married my Grandfather John O'Grady who was born in Mayglass. All I know is that James Hughes was from the Kilmore area as was his wife who I only know as Mary...no Maiden Name. Very vague I know but if anyone can help,that would be brilliant. Cheers.


margaret mclain - 05:40pm Nov 26, 2011 Irish (#396 of 453)

hi everyone, looking for info on my grandfathers family from county claire ireland the fitzpatricks andmy grandmother was named stack she was born 1865 and he was born 1860 his name was micheal, they moved to bronx ny about 1896 had four kids. my grandmother had four brothers last name stack who stayed in ireland. hope someone can help thank you.


Ellen Hanna - 10:56pm Dec 7, 2011 Irish (#397 of 453)

To Steph Olsen: Kyle is near Bunclody near the Carlow border. Hope this info is helpful.


Richard Wilson - 11:35pm Dec 26, 2011 Irish (#398 of 453)

Looking for any information on Desmond Brown (Browne)Born around 1950 Married to Marie Cassidy. He is believed to have died in London around 2006-2008. rickwil@telusplanet.net


steve pagram - 01:13am Dec 29, 2011 Irish (#399 of 453)

Looking for William M Cruise Born abt 1843. On his shipping records when he migrated to Australia, he said he was born in Wexford. Do not know the town however his daughter Jane 1880 was born in Fethard. I am trying to find William's parents.


D'Arcy - 03:51pm Dec 30, 2011 Irish (#400 of 453)

DARCY = PENDER lokking for information or marriage MATHEW DARCY TO CATHERINE PENDER c 1872 WEXFORD ? or elsewhere


Millicent Morton - 02:18am Jan 3, 2012 Irish (#401 of 453)

Millicent - I would like to trace my G.G.Grandmother Maria or Mary Stone nee. Murphy b. 16 Oct 1857 at Newtownbarry, Wexford, Eire. Married to Charles Stone 24 October 1874 at Heage, Co. Derby, England. He died in a fall of scaffolding. She was sent to New Zealand ( their 2 children were taken from her). Mary married a Samuel Brown on 12 October 1887 at Tasmania, Australia.


mai foley - 04:36am Jan 8, 2012 Irish (#402 of 453)

searching for elizabeth redmond - from ireland/kilbride co meath who arrived in ellis island in 1910 aged 24 and her records show that she departed for westchester county. that was the last account of her.

Does anyone have any information at all about her/


Alice Clark - 09:16pm Jan 22, 2012 Irish (#403 of 453)

Looking for information on the family of Roseana Rudd of Co. Wexford. Father John Rudd b. 1801, mother Nellie Fox b. abt 1796. The family emigrated to New York in 1851.


ronald murray - 08:55pm Jan 27, 2012 Irish (#404 of 453)

Looking for a Susannah Strickland who married Matthew Hamilton in 1873 at Fortune Harbour ,Notre Dame Bay,NL.Ibelieve she was born on Fogo Island,NL.1820-1850. Any help would be greatly appreciated Ron


Ellen Hanna - 10:04pm Feb 3, 2012 Irish (#405 of 453)

Message for Sonja Medcalfe: There are Bolgers buried in St Gabriel's cemetery Arklow. Former Prime minister of New Zealand Jim Bolger, parents came from Ballyconran Craanford area Gorey. Not sure if any family is left in the area.


Sandra O Neill - 07:03pm Feb 24, 2012 Irish (#406 of 453)

Am looking for information on John Malone from Wexford town. John was a sergeant in the Royal Irish Regiment and had brothers Patrick,William and Thomas and sisters Susan & Kate. John was living in Pembrokestown in 1911 with his family, his wife Mary Allen form Co Tipperary and children Polly,Kitty,Ellen,Louis and sons Jackie and Larry. There may be some connection to King Street, Lower and Barrack St. I do not know Johns parents names...........anyone out there able to help?


carol cedeno - 07:35am Feb 25, 2012 Irish (#407 of 453)

My name is carol sue comerford,my father was born in chicago ill he had a name lorraine goss. he had 3 kids name william lorraine, carol comerford. he had sister I remenber name alice way mary brother name charles pierce more I can't think of. please give any information! he work for the city street and sanitation.


william redmond - 10:16am Feb 27, 2012 Irish (#408 of 453)

from wpjredmond@gmail.com Looking for any Kehoes that might be living in the Syracuse New York or Connwecticut whose Grandfather may have been John ( B,Wexford 1800's) ..worked in a Mill.Wife Mary...Son Thomas. Johns father was Patrick Kehoe. His sister Mary (Kehoe ) married my Great Grandfather James Redmond in 1864 in Fethard,Wexford.


stephen o ' connor - 10:24am Feb 29, 2012 Irish (#409 of 453)

am looking for info on laurence o connor married to bridgit berry lived in antilope road mauldlintown.john murphy married to lita wadding lived antilope road maudlintown wexford town


Janet Parrack - 02:48am Mar 2, 2012 Irish (#410 of 453)

I'm looking for family of my great great grandmother Margaret O'Donnell, born in Wexford about 1832. She was transported to Tasmania in 1852 on the ship Midlothian from the port of Dun Laoghaire. I visited Wexford in 2010 but had no clue as to how to begin a search with such limited information.


Barry Solomon - 02:03am Mar 10, 2012 Irish (#411 of 453)

I am seeking information about my Great Grandfather Abel Hardin Palmer. He was a policeman and I have been told he was born in County Wexford. He left for America in 1855. I have found a lot about him after he came to America but I do not know anything about him before that. If you have any information please contact me at bargsol@hotmail.com or PO Box 2502, Aiken SC 29802.

Thank you for any help you can supply, Barry Solomon


Lisa Cory - 02:45am Mar 18, 2012 Irish (#412 of 453)

Searching for family related to Patrick Fortune and his wife Eliza or Elizabeth Slater. They had children Margaret/Maggie and Peter Fortune. Margaret came to the US in the late 1800's. I don't know what happened to the others.


michelle plant - 02:54pm Apr 6, 2012 Irish (#413 of 453)

am looking for the marriage of henrietta to michael rourke/ o; rourke or simillar before 1849 they had a son called james who came to england, he may have had brothers and sisters still living in wexford, i think james came here after 1861 to work as a puddler with pig iron and mining and married my great great granmother ann scott from london, they married in the north east and had 4 children. how do i find the marriage and babtism thanks michelle


D Dempsey - 11:36am Apr 13, 2012 Irish (#414 of 453)


Looking for any relatives on my late father's side. He was Joe (James/Joseph) Dempsey born October 1918 Rotunda Dublin, grew up in Ranelagh, was in the army at Dublin Castle, trained as a chemist then went into travelling shows (actor and conjuror) and amusements with my mother Rose O'Neill, a singer/dancer whose McEvoy relatives were professional violinists. They married in N.Ireland January 1945, settled in Limerick 1955 where they ran a bingo/pongo hall and left Ireland October 1957. My father was an educated intelligent man of many talents and a great sense of humour, with distinctive jet black hair worn slicked back. He was the only child of Patrick Dempsey (carpenter/cabinetmaker) from Wexford, Gorey and Boolavogue/Monagear, later Bray (possibly other relatives there) then Dolphin's Barn and finally Ranelagh in Dublin. My father's mother was Florence Mary Dempsey nee Short/t, daughter of Patrick Short/t and Anne Quin/n of Bray (poultry merchants). No trace yet of my g-parents marriage, possibly in USA. My g-f's sister was married to a French chef in the famous Dublin restaurant Jammet's. Any info please to Doris at ddempsey@oceanfree.net.


Margaret Cosgrave - 05:26pm Apr 17, 2012 Irish (#415 of 453)

Hi I am looking for anyone who can help me trace my great grandfather Peter Crowley Married Mary Lyons in early 1860s The first child James was born in Templetown Feathard co wexford year 1863.


sarah brierley - 12:33am Apr 21, 2012 Irish (#416 of 453)

am looking for information on family that lived in wexford. my gran is called marie breen born in 1940. she had a brother called william. her father was called william breen. her mum was called anna may dooley before she married. anna may had 4 sisters; teresa was the youngest, maureen, kitty and sally. i would be grateful for any information. thank you.


Darianne Serino - 08:01am Apr 26, 2012 Irish (#417 of 453)

I am looking for any info on Patrick English from County Wexford. He was born about 1830. He moved to Canada about 1860. He was my GG grandfather. Darianne Serino


Billy Redmond - 12:55pm Apr 27, 2012 Irish (#418 of 453)

Gill........seeking any information on a James P Gill who lived in Springfield Massachusetts...b 1896 in Wexford Ireland.Emigrated in 1925. Married Helen (b.1897)( Bowler) from Kerry. In 1930 census had a child called Mary P Gill(Patsy) and later 2 boys Richard and John T.. My grandfather ..Willam Gill was a brother of the above James. Any info pls to me..Billy (William) Redmond at wpjredmond@gmail.com


Michelle browne - 09:56am May 4, 2012 Irish (#419 of 453)

Please try and help im Looking for any information on bridgett rosemary macmurrough (my grandmother) aged 78 lived in the convent with the nuns moved to uk married now Marion sheard. please email me michellebrowne011@gmail.com


Kay Brownell Reed - 12:56am May 7, 2012 Irish (#420 of 453)

Looking for info on Bridget? who married Robert More. Bridget was born in Ireland c. 1815 and emigrated to the port of Quebec, Canada. Not sure if Robert was born in Jamestown, County Wexford,Ireland. He committed suicide in Binghamton, Broome Co., New York c 1848 leaving three children. Bridget and her two sons, Albert and Wilburt b c 1840 and 1845 respectively went into the Poor House in Binghamton. Her daughter, Mary, was already married to Abram H. Quick Bridget later married William Swan. It has been a long journey tracing her children but we have managed to do so; the main question is if she came here already married to Robert More.


Janet Urbasik - 05:58pm May 15, 2012 Irish (#421 of 453)

Looking for info if any on a family from Wexford Co. The surname is Keogh,Kahoe or Kehoe. and Jacob . possible a Jacob from Shelmatiere ,West Parish Taghmon and Townland :Taghmon. If anyone could help me where to write or where to get info from Wexford County It would be greatly appreciated Janet Urbasik


geraldine owens - 11:57pm May 23, 2012 Irish (#422 of 453)

looking for the family who raised my granddad,thomas onions.born in kildare but raised in killarney...thomas,the man who raised him was killed in the boer war and my granddad and maybe the siblings from the family who rasied him where placed in an orphanage in cork...his sister julia from that family went to boston ,usa and married a thomas omalley...would like to know the name of that family..


andy lagan - 05:10pm Jun 6, 2012 Irish (#423 of 453)

looking for information on philomena connolly, from the reisk, killurin, co wexford, poss born in the 1930's......any information would be welcome.

many thx


Alison Puttnam - 08:32pm Jun 6, 2012 Irish (#424 of 453)

I am looking for information on the Nolan Family who lived in Enniscorty - St Aidans Villas. Not quite sure what number. There was 9 Girls and 1 Boy. My mother's name was Mary (Molly) Nolan. My mother married a man from London called Joey. (joey Puttnam) Some of her sister's names were: Katie, Peggy, Nancy, Josie, Ellen and Mini. I know that Mini is the only one living at the moment. I have also been told that some of my relations are Moorhouse and Connors. Her brother's name was Paddy. I have been told that two of my mothers sisters married two brothers. I have just met Katies daughter and she still lives in Enniscorty. She said I have hundreds of relatives. If anyone knows the family, is there any photos of the Sisters when they were young?


Kitty Griffin - 08:28pm Jun 16, 2012 Irish (#425 of 453)

My grandmother was Ellen Roche nee Byrne Scar Duncormick Co Wexford, she had a brother William Byrne who was married to Sarah Corcoran Sarshill Kilmore Co Wexford, they had two daughters Anna who married Denis Flood had no family, and Kathleen who married a man called Molyneaux from England who had a baby buried in Grange Cemetary Kilmore,I would like to make contact with some of that family if there is anyone belonging to them still living in England


Judith Puddy - 08:52pm Jun 24, 2012 Irish (#426 of 453)

I am trying to locate my gg-grandfather, Thomas Thorpe. I know his son John Atkin Thorpe was born in 1843 in County Wexford but so far I can't trace his father Thomas or his mother Charlotte.


Mary laughlin - 07:01pm Jul 3, 2012 Irish (#427 of 453)

Looking for mary fitzpatrick married to john comerford mid 1800's in kilkenny son Named John also born1870 emigrated to the states 1894 aboard ship Tetonic I believe he married an Ellen Gibbons in NY eventually moved to IN had John, James and Marie.


ALAN STAFFORD - 09:30am Jul 14, 2012 Irish (#428 of 453)



ShirleySpilsbury - 04:01pm Jul 22, 2012 Irish (#429 of 453)

Michael Kearney mar. Deborah? Co. Wexford

Children-Michael Kearney born 1792 Ireland died 1869 Quebec Madeleine Elizabeth Kearney born 1794 Ireland died 1883 Quebec


donald english - 10:53pm Aug 2, 2012 Irish (#430 of 453)

Looking for gg grand parents, PATRICK ENGLISH and CATHERINE MAHONEY. They had 3 sons, Patrick, born 1866, John b.1871 and Jeremiah b.1877. They lived in Kerry, Ireland. Thank you. Donald


robyrne@eircom.net - 09:26pm Aug 4, 2012 Irish (#431 of 453)

My gg grandfather was called Stephen English, born 1814 Wexford, as far as I can gather - His daughter, was Anne English, born 1845, the year of the famine in Wexford. She married Richard McLoughlin and they had 5 children. My grandmother, Catherine McLoughlin was born 1890 and died 1978. My mother Patricia Glynn was born in 1921 and she can remember her grandmother, Anne English well. She said she always wore a white starch apron over her clothes and her hair was neatly tied in a bun. She died in 1927 sitting in a chair. She had just completed knitting a sock and had just turned the heel with the four needles. my mother gave me the impression that they received the name English as they probably travelled over from England to Wexford, a port. The people locally were often called by where they came from. i.e. Welsh or Walsh, Ffrench or French. my email is robyrne@eircom.net


michelle plant - 05:34pm Aug 25, 2012 Irish (#432 of 453)

looking for the decendents o rourke, mother henrietta o flynn , father michael o rourke married before 1849 , one child born about 1849 james o rourke, all catholics my e mail is kennedy701@msn.com


Maureen Stacey - 08:21pm Sep 7, 2012 Irish (#433 of 453)

Looking for anyone who knows anything about James Fitzsimons and spouse Margaret Burn, my great grandparents. Susan their daughter was aged 28 when she left to travel to Australia and she had as her place of birth, Gorey Wexford Ireland. Maureen Stacey


MICHELLE TUCKER - 11:21pm Oct 3, 2012 Irish (#434 of 453)

Looking for info about William Blake born 1882 County Wexford, son of John Blake and Mary Foley. He was a fisherman living in kilmore quay most of his life. He married Alice Power and had abt 6 children. They were Alice born 1926, Margaret born 1917, Anastasia born 1911, John, Lena and Molly Blake all born in Kilmore Quay. Can anybody help?


Noel Osborne - 01:13am Oct 8, 2012 Irish (#435 of 453)

Thomas Clifford married to Mary Unknown??? were my Great Great Grandparents they had a son Thomas Clifford who sailed to Australia 1860,s he was a Tailor and was a groomsman for the British army in Sydney NSW where he married a Ellen White who's family were from Tipperary Ire Thomas may have sailed to Aussie as part of a military detachment ?? any help would make my day Regards Noel


Adrienne Coogan Ellis - 08:40pm Oct 8, 2012 Irish (#436 of 453)

Prendergast family of Slade Wexford. Saw your post this evening. My grandmother was Statia Prendergast, a sister of your relative. She moved to Dublin after the 1901 census and before the 1911. She was employed as a nanny in a big house in Clontarf, Dublin. Statia married a Kilkenny man who drove a Dublin Tram. They had 8 children, one of which was Sarah, my late mother. Feel free to get in touch, Adrienne


margaret rossiter - 11:51pm Nov 3, 2012 Irish (#437 of 453)

am looking for my granmother children she was mary ellen clowery and married edward hall in wexford 1922 she had 4 children one was john hall ellen and catherine hall


James Baker - 07:47pm Nov 4, 2012 Irish (#438 of 453)

Hi. My Mother's family name is Rathwell. Her ancestors came from Wexford county in the early 1800s. I have no information from before the Rathwells emmigrated. I know that they came from England originally and some came to the new world to escape the turmoil that was developing at that time in Ireland. I need to learn about the family while they were in Ireland. Any clues would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Jim Baker


michael reilly3 - 06:43pm Nov 25, 2012 Irish (#439 of 453)

am searching my family history from scotland. one side leads to a james nash born wexford 1797, died wexford no known date. inbetween he was in scotland. he married jane brannan also born wexford 1803. died 1877 in scotland. her parents were called thomas brannan and i think mary toban. dont know where from. any info would be greatly appreciated as hit a bit of dead end


Peter Halferty - 04:02am Feb 1, 2013 Irish (#440 of 453)

I am looking for information on a Mathew Matthew Lynch. Says he was born in Co. Wexford around 1808. I have him married to Mary Hand in Kingscourt, Co. Cavan on September 5, 1838. Then to States in 1840 in June 10th. On to Ohio and in 1856 is now settled in Fayette County, Iowa. I would appreciate any assistance you could be. I am petert1@westelcom.com. Thank you. I would like to know who his parents are. Can anyone help me out.


susan johannes - 11:39pm Feb 1, 2013 Irish (#441 of 453)

Looking for Catherine Kiely born abt. 1835. Parents Thomas J. and Catherine Kiely. Catherine came to U.S. and married James Calihan (Callahan)in Holyoak, Mass. 1859. Later they lived in Belvidere.


Lynne cooper - 04:42pm May 12, 2013 Irish (#442 of 453)

I am looking for josie murphy sister of bridie in leeds josie married matty I think they were from enniscorthy bridie was born oct 1929 married to les


Catherine Jeakle Hill - 06:29pm Jun 4, 2013 Irish (#443 of 453)

I am looking for information on Eleanor Jeakle Warren who died in County Wexford in about 1849. Her husband William Warren was a convict sent to Australia and he died in 1850 in Australia. My great great grandfather William Gerard Jeakle (born 1828 or 1829 in Wexford County, Ireland) came to North American in the 1840s and died in Detroit on November 8, 1909. His parents were George and Anna Jeakle from County Wexford. I would like to know if there are any Jeakle gravesites in County Wexford and if there are any living Jeakles in Ireland.


Rosalie.Hanrahan - 10:31pm Oct 26, 2013 Irish (#444 of 453)

Rosalie Hanrahan - 6:35PM Oct 26, 2013

Looking for parents of Ellen Scallion (Scallon, Scallan) who was born in 1829 in Wexford. She immigrated to Baltimore, MD in 1846 and in 1851 married Martin Hanrahan.


James L. Fisher - 05:50pm Nov 3, 2013 Irish (#445 of 453)

My 3rd Great Grandfather Patrick Furlong was born in County Wexford about 1835. He was married to Mary Kelly, also from County Wexford, born about 1838. They had four children born in County Wexford: Peter (c.1857), James (c.1859), Elizabeth (c.1862) and Catherine (c.1865). The family left County Wexford and settled near Whitehaven, England sometime between 1865 (Catherine's birth) and 1871. Patrick and Mary died in England, but Peter (my 2nd Great Grandfather), James and Elizabeth all emigrated to Pennsylvania in the United States in 1886-87. All were baptized and married in Roman Catholic churches. I would appreciate any help in finding out where my Furlongs lived in County Wexford. I have found a single record online that shows a Catherine Furlong, daughter of Patrick Furlong and Mary Kelly, being baptized at Coolgreany - but I have no way to know if this is my Furlong family. I'll be visiting Wexford in the summer of 2014 and would love to visit to locale that my Furlongs called home. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer!


Maggie Sullivan - 08:26pm Nov 11, 2013 Irish (#446 of 453)

I am searching for information on any of the following: Mary Furlong was married to Patrick Grogan. Their son John b circa 1810 married Ellen Murphy b circa 1813. They were married in Notre Dame in Quebec Canada. According to the church records Ellen was the daughter of Michael Murphy and Bridget Corrigan deceased from Wexford Ireland. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me. I have found Corrigans, Murphys and Grogans in Ballyleigh but don't know if this is my family. Thanks


Maggie Crosbie - 02:37pm Dec 12, 2013 Irish (#447 of 453)

I am searching for any information about Kathleen Murphy of Spafield Ave Wexford circa 1930s Maggie Crosbie


Mary Carmel McDonald - 01:51am May 5, 2014 Irish (#448 of 453)

I looking Mary Ann McDonald from Castlebridge


carol murphy - 11:12pm May 8, 2014 Irish (#449 of 453)

am looking for information of my gt gt grandfather james murphy born co.wexford 1816 married eleanor boyle she was born in the east indies .they had a son william mawdsley murphy on the 1851 liverpool census james was 35 ellen 27 william was 1.cant get williams birth cert .but have his baptism as 17 june 1849 st patricks toxteth park .then williams marriage 1873 liverpool.and james is now a superintendent of police.if anyone has any info on james and eleanor boyle please help my search .


Aisling Banahan - 09:48pm Jun 7, 2014 Irish (#450 of 453)

Hello , I am looking for information for my GG grand uncle Nichlos Keegan who was born in Enniscorthy co Wexford in the 1800's . He Moved to the USA in the late 1800s possibly to Texas or Pensenvlia ?? His sister married name was Shannon . Please E mail me if you have any information Kind Regards Aisling Banahan


Christine Guest - 11:57pm Aug 29, 2014 Irish (#451 of 453)

Hi, I am looking to find my Grandfather and his relatives, his name was Edward O'Keefe and on his wedding certificate it states his parents were William O'Keefe, Butcher and Mary Gibney as his mother. His birth or registration event was 26th September abt 1889 at Faythe, Wexford Ireland. Any clues would be terrific.


Luke Hickinbotham - 11:06am Sep 29, 2014 Irish (#452 of 453)

Hi Christine, we are looking for the same person and see you have extracted his records. My Aunty Patsy and I would love to compare notes, please contact us at luke.hickinbotham@gmail.com


Cynthia McKay - 04:11am Nov 21, 2014 Irish (#453 of 453)

Hi - looking for ancestors, or descendants still in Ireland, of Benjamin Moulton (B abt 1780 Wexford County, Ireland) emm. 1824, 5 children.

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